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Jebb: 'We think a new UK Food and Feed Bill would provide the best opportunity for a comprehensive rethink, tailored to the needs of the UK'

Time running out for reform of food safety laws

By Gwen Ridler

The Brexit Freedoms Bill could open the door to a total reform of food standards and safety in the UK, but time is running out to do so, according to Food Standards Agency (FSA) chair Susan Jebb.


NPD Trend Tracker: From wonky snacks to BrewDog vodka

By Flora Southey

Which new product developments have caught our eye this week? In Scotland, BrewDog is turning a range of spirits from any batches of beer that doesn’t meet its standards. Further south, Fix8 is developing vitamin C-enriched kombucha, while botanicals...

How can nutritional labels be improved? / Pic: GettyImages-sergeyryzhov

Can biomarker breakthrough 'put the science behind food labels'?

By Katy Askew

Nutritional labelling and government-backed dietary guidelines are designed to deliver the greatest good, to the greatest number of people. But this nutritional advice and information is often based on flawed or incomplete data. Scientists at Aberystwyth...

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