2019/2020 Editorial Calendar

Editorial Schedule and Features List

FoodNavigator Editorial Calendar 2019
July 2019Innovation forward: A look at the latest developments in flavours and colours
August 2019Building sustainable value chains (deforestation, emissions, water)
September 2019Clean label and beyond: transparency, formulation and sourcingClean Label
October 20191. Fighting food fraud
2. FIE Pre-Show – Sugar reduction
3. FIE Pre-Show – Plant based protein
November 20191. FIE Pre-Show – Sustainability
2. FIE Pre-Show – Event preview
3. FIE Pre-Show – Colours & flavours
4. FIE Pre-Show – Clean Label
December 2019FIE Post-Show
January 2020From flavours to food tech: 2020 and the future of food
February 2020Protein transition and the evolution of plant-based productsOnline conference: Next generation plant protein
March 2020The Ingredients Show pre-shop
April 2020Diving into the blue economy: sustainable sourcing from the sea
May 2020Rethinking the food chain: sustainability Online conference: Flavour and reformulation
June 2020Sweeteners and sugar reduction
July 2020Gut health: probiotic foods in focus
August 2020Supply chain transparency, traceability & sourcing
September 2020Healthy kids food: Innovation for the next generation Editorial webinar: Salt reduction and reformulation
October 2020Bite-sized innovation: The future of healthy snacking
November 2020FiE preshow  Online conference: Clean label challenges, innovations and solutions
December 2020The drive for natural ingredients: the future of clean label

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