2020/21 Editorial Calendar

Editorial Schedule and Features List

FoodNavigator Editorial Calendar 2020/21
September 20201. Healthy kids food: Innovation for the next generation
2. Salt reduction and reformulation (Editorial Webinar)
October 20201. Bite-sized innovation: The future of healthy snacking
2. Clean label challenges, innovations and solutions (Editorial Webinar)
November 2020FiE preshow  
December 2020The drive for natural ingredients: the future of clean label
January 20211. 2021 and the future of food: From food tech to flavours and formulation
2. Plant protein: Development and diversification in meat analogues (Editorial Webinar)
February 20211. Cleaning up your act: What's next for natural and Clean Label?
2. Hitting the sweet spot: Innovative approaches to sugar reduction (Editorial Webinar)
March 20211. Healthy Ageing: Food for an older population
2. Positive Nutrition: Healthy food for the mass market (Interactive Broadcast)
April 2021Future Meat: From cell cultured to hybrid and regenerative
May 2021Nutrition and reformulation strategies
June 2021Sustainability Spotlight: A carbon neutral future for food
July 2021What next for the plant-based boom?
August 2021A gut feeling: Digestive health moves mainstream
September 2021Food tech innovations transforming transparency 
October 20211. Healthy Kids' Food: Innovation for the next generation
2. FoodNavigator Summit: Climate Smart Food (Interactive Broadcast)
November 2021Healthy Snacking
December 2021Beyond Bio: Natural, organic and local food innovation

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