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NPD Trend Tracker: From plant-based ice-cream to gluten-free fast food

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

On our NPD Trend Tracker this week, we have a range of new products from big brands; new flavours from Kettle Chips, plant-based thighs from This, plant-based ice cream from Flora Professional, and a gluten free range from Leon. We also have a collaboration...


NPD Trend Tracker: The functional beverage edition

By Flora Southey

This week’s new product development round-up is celebrating all things functionality in the beverage category. From mushrooms to adaptogens and CBD, we profile the latest drinks and ingredients promising much more than hydration.

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NPD Trend Tracker: From coffee leaf kombucha to mental health crisps

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

In this week's NPD Trend Tracker, we have a number of new drinks, including probiotic soda, premium mezcal and coffee leaf kombucha. On the food side of things, we have new menus for Subway and Foodhak, as well as crisps design to raise awareness...


NPD Trend Tracker: From PepsiCo snacks to collagen tea

By Flora Southey

The collagen trend is on an upwards trajectory, particularly in food and drink. In our latest new product development round-up, we look at a new tea inspired by collagen (it contains collagen peptides). Elsewhere, plant-based continues to trend and UK...

NPD Trend Tracker: From Easter-egg ice cream to dairy-free chocolate eggs

NPD Trend Tracker: From Easter-egg ice cream to dairy-free chocolate eggs

By Donna Eastlake

We’re getting ready for Easter in this week’s new-product roundup. There’s everything from egg-cellent (not sorry!) mini-egg ice cream to egg-citing (still not sorry!) dairy-free chocolate eggs. There’s also a range of drinks from energy-sparking mixers...


NPD Trend Tracker: From real meat to plant-based alternatives

By Flora Southey

In our latest new product development round-up, we’re homing in on animal-based products and their plant-based alternatives. These include pork snacks and mini fish fillets, as well as fermented plant-based steaks and barista oat milk. We’ve also included...

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NPD Trend Tracker: From mandarin orange juice to AI-generated recipes

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

In this week's NPD Trend Tracker, we see how high orange juice prices have led to the development of mandarin orange juice, and the rise of generative AI has led to the creation of an AI cookbook. Furthermore, we see a rebranding from Mallow &...

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NPD Trend Tracker: The chocolate edition

By Flora Southey

An NPD round-up dedicated to chocolate? Yes please. In this edition you’ll read about a Easter-themed chocolate from Lir and Guinness; a new Aero bar flavour; and a white chocolate ice cream mixed in with ‘Scandinavian mountain cranberries’. Yum.

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NPD Trend Tracker: 'Veganuary' special

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

January is a time where many people abstain from indulgent things, from alcohol to chocolate. Meat and dairy, increasingly linked to climate change and animal suffering, are other products those taking part in 'Veganuary' also abstain from at...

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NPD Trend Tracker: From LeBron James-backed tequila to Harry Kane crisps

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

As Christmas approaches, we have the launch of a Harry Kane-fronted crisp product, the UK listing of a LeBron James-backed tequila, and the release of plant based chicken nuggets to celebrate the release of Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget. We also have...

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NPD Trend Tracker: From non-alcoholic IPA to paper cheese packaging

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

In this week’s NPD Trend Tracker, we’re preparing for dry January with non-alcoholic products from Lucky Saint and a collaboration between MOMO Kombucha and Orbit beers, as well as whiskey flavours from Synergy Flavours. Alongside this, we have breathable...

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NPD Trend Tracker: From wholegrain spelt to Christmas dinner pie

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

In this week’s NPD Trend Tracker, we have a range of festive products, including a festive wrap, festive ice-cream flavours and a pie containing an entire Christmas dinner. We also have a new flavour from Tate & Lyle, a wholegrain spelt from Merchant...


NPD Trend Tracker: From Beyond Meat pizza toppings to collagen creamer

By Flora Southey

In our latest new product development round up, we look at new launches in health and wellness such a collagen creamers and MCT powders. In plant-based, big-name brands Pizza Hut and Beyond Meat have tied up to launch meat-free pepperoni toppings, and...


NPD Trend Tracker: From wheat stalk pasta to Nestlé fish alternatives

By Flora Southey

Our latest new product development round-up looks at Nestlé’s plant-based fish alternatives, which are launching into multiple European countries. R&D leads have also been busy in the snacks category with Kallø expanding into gluten-free crackers,...

GettyImages/Henrik Sorensen

NPD Trend Tracker: From mushroom tea to ‘impulse’ vegan choc

By Flora Southey

What’s the latest in new product development? In chocolate, Ombar is rolling out a range specifically designed for impulse shopping, while WNWN Food Labs is launching cocoa-free takes on well-known classics. In plant-based, we see Juice Marbles secure...

NPD Trend Tracker: From lower carbon beef to ‘coffee-free coffee’

NPD Trend Tracker: From lower carbon beef to ‘coffee-free coffee’

By Oliver Morrison

Our latest new product development round-up features lower carbon beef from UK supermarket Sainsbury’s, achieved through a combination of superior cattle breeding and animal management. Meanwhile, Dutch company Northern Wonder, which creates a sustainable...

Image: Getty/pepifoto

NPD Trend Tracker: From KFC co-branded popcorn to kefir snacks for kids

By Oliver Morrison

This week’s look at new food and beverage launches takes in the partnership between Proper Snacks and KFC to unveil a co-branded popcorn SKU, while UK kefir brand Biotiful Gut Health has introduced a new range of products specifically for children. Scroll...


NPD Trend Tracker: From vegan ice cream to Meatless Farm’s return

By Sarah Rhynes and Flora Southey

In this latest edition of the NPD Trend Tracker, we’re seeing a lot of movement in the plant-based space, ranging from vegan ice cream to an improved pea and fava protein burger from THIS, and Meatless Farm’s return to retail following a brief hiatus....

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NPD Trend Tracker: From Olympic peanut butter to blueberry muffin popcorn

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

We have a lot of sweet treats this week with blueberry muffin popcorn, KitKat Chunky Hazelnut and two different types of cookie dough ice cream. We also have the renewal of an old partnership for Whole Earth, and a new plant-based cheddar for Violife....

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NPD Trend Tracker: From Arabic honey to watermelon kombucha

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

This week, we have a range of products aiming for sustainable packaging: from wine and spirits, to coffee, to ketchup. We also have kombucha made from watermelons grown in Italy, honey from the UAE, and bread from Danish bakery Ole and Steen.

Image: GettyImages/Eoneren

NPD Trend Tracker: From low-carb ready meals to carbon negative beer

By Oliver Morrison

Our latest NPD Trend Tracker looks at chilled ready meals made from a plant-based flour extracted from the root of the konjac yam plant, while a London brewery claims to have made the world’s first carbon-negative beer without using carbon offsetting....

Image: Getty/We Are

NPD Trend Tracker: From chocolate covered bananas to worker's tea

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

Our latest NPD Trend Tracker looks at a range of new fruit juices, healthy snacks and interesting beverages. From historic tea and ocean conservation-supporting wine to vegan protein powder and paper-packaged straws, scroll through the gallery for more....

Image: Getty/Talaj

NPD Trend Tracker: From oat milk ice cream to edamame snacks

By Oliver Morrison

Our latest NPD Trend Tracker looks at Oatly’s new soft serve ice cream launch into UK food service, while snack brand the Only Bean has unveiled dry roasted edamame snacks containing with 5g of fiber. Scroll through the photo gallery for more…


NPD Trend Tracker: From fibre-rich yoghurt to 5-a-day recipe kits

By Flora Southey

The latest edition of our new product development photo gallery covers two different recipe kits: Naksha Recipe Kits is bringing ‘off the beaten track’ recipes to luxury retailers, while Gousto has released a line of recipe boxes guaranteed to supply...

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