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Tequila cocktail trends

By Rachel Arthur

It’s not just about margaritas. National Tequila Day (July 24) puts the spotlight on the huge variety of cocktails now embracing the trending spirit.

The Bread and Jam festival saw a range of start-up pitches to investors. Image Source: Getty Images/Shaiith

Start-ups that caught our eye at Bread and Jam 2024

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

At the Bread and Jam festival in London last week, we saw a range of start-ups try to plug perceived gaps in the market, in ingredients, cheese and alcoholic drinks.

Cocktails offer a familiar format for consumers to explore cannabis - and knowledgeable bartenders can help them explore strengths and options. Pic:getty/stefantomic

Can cannabis beverages make their mark in bars and restaurants?

By Rachel Arthur

Cannabis beverages are most frequently consumed at home. But much has been made of their potential to replace alcohol – with important channels for alcohol including bars, restaurants and other on-premise locations. How can cannabis beverages succeed...

Dairy cows are indirectly linked to deforestation through feed consumption. Image Source: Getty Images/John Giustina

Is dairy linked to deforestation?

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

Deforestation has been linked to a range of commodities including palm oil, soy, cocoa and cattle. But how close is its link with dairy?

Daily 30+ © ZOE

Industry responds to Zoe science-backed supplement launch

By Olivia Haslam

Gut health-focused tech firm Zoe has launched its first own brand whole-food supplement designed to be sprinkled on meals to provide a microbiome diversity boost, utilizing an (as yet) unpublished RCT to help market its benefits.

Pic: GettyImages/andresr

How social media is raising the artisanal bakery game

By Rachel Truman

The renewed appreciation for slower, traditional bread-making and bakery techniques is a rapidly rising trend. However, it’s the use of social media by savvy bakers that is really bolstering the segment.

Image: Getty/Igor Alecsander

The 6 problems you get from asking consumers about regen ag

By Oliver Morrison

As regen ag continues to gain momentum as a leading model for sustainable agriculture, a European study shows that consumers are curious to learn more. But the survey also serves to illustrate that the food system cannot be easily fixed. It faces complex...

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