Angel Yeast Angeoboost enhances taste and mouthfeel in meat sauces

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How yeast extract can enhance flavour and texture in meat sauces

Consumers are increasingly seeking foods with cleaner labels that still deliver on taste and texture. How can yeast extract help manufacturers optimize flavour and mouthfeel in sauces and offer consumers healthier options?

How to revive flagging demand for plant-based meat

The food industry has responded to bullish predictions of a boom in plant-based meat alternatives with a gold rush mentality. But as sales slow and interest dips, can advances in food science come to the rescue of a category that is struggling to live...

Oat drinks and beer production with a single process technology

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Oat drinks and beer: Single process technology

Plant-based products, such as oat milk, are becoming increasingly popular. As the market evolves, the possibilities for oat drinks production is expanding.

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