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NPD trend tracker: From sustainable trout to regional specialties

By Katy Askew

European consumers are increasingly favouring locally sourced and manufactured food products - a trend that German manufacturer Settele has responded to with a line of organic regional specialties. Elsewhere, France's Supermarché Match rolled out...

KO Kombucha at the Probiota fermented foods showcase

Editor's Spotlight: Startup Focus

Kefir and kombucha going mainstream but science is yet to ferment

By Nikki Hancocks

The mass market is already convinced that fermented food and drink is healthy but the more mass produced these products become the less likely they are to offer health benefits, meaning consumers could lose faith, so better science and education are needed...

NPD trend tracker: From CBD honey to healthy teas

NPD trend tracker: From CBD honey to healthy teas

By Katy Askew

In this week's edition of our trend tracker, the importance of the health and wellness trend can be seen in full force. This can be seen in an array of new products, from teas that boast a functional benefit - be it focus, sleep or gut health - to...

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