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Vitafoods interview: ADM expands its portfolio

By Liza Laws

At Vitafoods Europe, ADM were showcasing their latest concepts with experts on-site to answer questions about how they will be keeping the health-conscious consumer in mind.

Cargill could face a soybean supply 'glut' for a number of years, depressing prices

Soybean headwind could hit Cargill for years

By Oscar Rousseau

With Cargill’s profits slipping by 6% after a bumper grain and soybean harvest hit its bottom line, a financial analyst told this site the problem might not get better soon.

Around three quarters of cultivated soy is used to feed livestock

Meat companies fail to report soy use

By Oscar Rousseau

A string of European meat processors, including Danish Crown and Moy Park, failed to disclose the source of soybeans this year, raising questions about their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Brazil is the world's largest producer of soybeans, a legume found in almost all meat supply chains

HKScan to use ethical soy

By Oscar Rousseau

HKScan is committed to using responsibly sourced soybeans, a key ingredient used in animal feed, to halt the deforestation of South America.

Brazilian GMO-soy beans claims refuted

Claims over supply of GMO-free soy refuted

By Georgi Gyton

A number of associations have come together to refute claims made by the German Poultry Association (ZDG) regarding a lack of GMO-free soy coming out of Brazil.

Demand is increasing for sunflower-derived lecithin, as non-GM soy becomes scarcer

Non-GM lecithin supply struggling to keep up with demand


There is a gap in the market for non-genetically modified lecithin, as the major soy producing countries are dominated by GM crops, according to Cargill’s fluid lecithin product manager Thorsten Bornholdt.

FAO confirms food price fall for third month in a row

FAO confirms food price fall for third month in a row

By Nathan Gray

A third consecutive fall in global food prices during the month of July was largely driven by lower international prices for grains, soy and palm oil, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Dutch companies to double use of sustainable soy from 2011 levels

Dutch companies to double use of sustainable soy from 2011 levels

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Dutch food companies and trade organisations have signed agreements with Brazilian growers to double the supply of RTRS-certified soy to the Netherlands from 2011 levels, according to the Foundation for Responsible Soy Transition.

Soy: assessing the future for animal feed

Soy: assessing the future for animal feed

By Carina Perkins

When discussing meat's environmental impact, there is a tendency to focus on greenhouse gas emissions. But the production of soy for feed is also of major concern. Carina Perkins looks at the issues

A combination of soy milk, sunflower oil, guar gum, xanthan gum, and some mono- and diglycerides as emulsifiers produced a product that is low in cholesterol (no eggs) and low in fat, but with excellent textural and sensory properties

Low-cholesterol, low-fat mayo to taste like the real thing

By Stephen Daniells

A combination of soy milk with guar gum, xanthan gum and select emulsifiers could produce low-fat, low-cholesterol mayonnaise that ‘closely matches’ commercial full-fat alternatives, suggests new research.

Cert ID says sustainable soy standards report 'inaccurate and biased'

Cert ID says sustainable soy standards report 'inaccurate and biased'

By Jane Byrne

CERT ID, the company behind ProTerra – a standard for non-GM soy and other foods – claims a recent report from the Dutch consultancy CREM comparing soy sustainability standards misrepresents it and is biased towards the Cargill-backed RTRS soy standard.

How soy foods can help in Haiti

How soy foods can help in Haiti

Soy products can be stored and transported at ambient temperatures, and are packed with protein. Ideal, then, for the Haiti earthquake relief effort, explains Gerard Klein Essink of Bridge2Food.

Soy firms coordinate Haiti donations

Soy firms coordinate Haiti donations

A multinational alliance called SoyFoods Haiti Alliance Relief Effort, or SHARE is coordinating donation and delivery of protein-rich foods to the Haiti earthquake relief effort.

Could clones be hiding out in ice-cream?

Could clones be hiding out in ice-cream?

Ben & Jerry’s campaign to ensure produce from clones is detectable in the food chain shows that bundling biotech in with conventional produce remains unacceptable – but lessons from GM do not seem to have been learned.


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