CSIRO soy put to use in Japanese food

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The properties of a new soybean bred by CSIRO scientists from an old Japanese bean is being put to use in Japanese foods, as its proteins show excellent gelling properties.

Called the Bunya, the new soybean is said to be very well suited for making soy-based foods like tofu and custard, and to provide a good taste. It can also be used in make edamame (baby soybeans in a pod) and misu.

According to CSIRO Plant Industry scientist Dr Andrew James, Bunya is now the most popular Australian soybean in Japan. In addition to its functional uses, the large seeds produce higher yields of soy milk and custard.

“Bunya plants are small which means they can be planted more densely than other soybean varieties,”​ said Dr Andrews. “This, combined with the very large seeds they produce, increases Bunya yields compared to other soybeans.”

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