SuperDrob appoints new CEO

SuperDrob appoints new CEO

By Aidan Fortune

Polish poultry business SuperDrob Group has appointed a new chief executive officer.

Henryk Kania estimates its food donations have helped feed some 50,000 people

Polish firm signs food waste deal

By Oscar Rousseau

Henryk Kania has become the first meat processor to sign a long-term deal serving meals to thousands of Polish children living in poverty.

Gobarto's CEO and president of the board Dariusz Formela has big plans for Poland

Polish meat firm eyes takeover of local producer

By Jaroslaw Adamowski

Polish meat company Gobarto SA has signed a preliminary contract to purchase local meat distributor Jama sp. z o.o.  under a deal with an initial value of PLN 12 million (€2.84m).

Polish meat processor Agro-Rydzyna's investment will help it supply 1,000 supermarkets

Polish meat business to invest €26m in new factory

By Jaroslaw Adamowski

Polish meat business Agro-Rydzyna plans to invest PLN 110 million (€26 million) by 2020 to increase production at its Kłoda meat plant and build another processing facility in Poland

Animex Foods is considering both Poland and Romania for its new processing facility

Animex considers options for new meat processing plant

By Jaroslaw Adamowski

Polish meat processor Animex Foods Ltd has unveiled plans to open a new meat processing facility in either Poland or Romania, and create up to 3,000 new jobs as part of the investment. 

© iStock/Macio Silva

EU invests €60m in Polish food firm Maspex

By Louis Gore-Langton

The investment will go to improving facilities and increasing employment for the Polish juice, sauce and pasta manufacturer, already one of the largest in Eastern Europe.

Danish piglet exports are expected to break the 13m mark this year

Denmark braced for record-breaking piglet exports

By Oscar Rousseau

Denmark may hit a record 13 million (m) piglet exports when 2016 draws to an end, according to Frank Oland, chief economist at the Danish Agriculture & Food Council, who spoke at the Herning Congress in Denmark on 25 October.

'All in all, the coming period will see plenty of uncertainty for stakeholders,' said Rabobank. ©iStock

EU sugar prices could rise as supply and demand tightens

By David Burrows

Global sugar prices have rocketed 30% since mid-April as the balance between supply and demand tightens. In Europe prices have remained steady but could soon increase, according to Rabobank’s latest sugar quarterly.

Local analysts believe Poland's consumption of pork will increase again this year

Poland’s pork meat exports return to growth path

By Jaroslaw Adamowski

Poland’s exports of processed pork meat have returned to growth in the first four months of 2015, with an increase of 6.5% to 128,600 tonnes (t), according to the Polish Ministry of Agriculture.

It is believed that ASF-infected wild boars continue to penetrate Poland from neighbouring Belarus

ASF hits Polish pork exports to China

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Without the elimination of African swine fever (ASF) in Poland, it is impossible to export pork to countries outside the European Union (EU), including China, according to a report by interregional organisation Green Front.

Russia is considering a total ban on US poultry imports

Russia considers new import bans

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Russia is seeking new sanctions on meat product imports. The country’s veterinary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor said it was considering a ban on meat imports from Poland and a total ban on poultry imports from the USA, as well as plans to raise duty rates...

Poland looking to export to China in lieu of Russian losses

Poland eyes pork exports to China to compensate for Russian ban

By Jaroslaw Adamowski, in Warsaw

Polish Minister of Agriculture Marek Sawicki has announced plans by Poland to launch pork exports to China in a bid to compensate for the losses incurred by Russia’s decision to ban imports of Polish pork, which started on 7 April.

Poland's beef meat industry has seen exports up 3%

Poland’s poultry, beef exports expand in 2013

By Jaroslaw Adamowski

Polish meat industry players have posted improved export sales for last year. In 2013, local firms exported 699,000 tonnes (t) of poultry meat, up 9% compared with a year earlier, according to data from the state-run Agricultural Market Agency (ARR).

Revenues generated by Polish pork exports rose 18%

Poland posts record pork exports for 2013

Poland reported record exports of pork in 2013, according to data from the state-run Agricultural Market Agency (ARR). The country’s meat processors exported some 438,000 tonnes (t) of pork last year, an increase of 19% compared with a year earlier. In...

Polish poultry processor makes investment in modernisation

Poland’s Drobimex plans US$13m investment to boost output

By Jaroslaw Adamowski

Polish poultry processor Drobimex has announced plans to invest about 40m zloty (PLN) – around US$13m – in expanding and modernising its facilities in Poland. The announcement was made by Klaus Roppel, the company’s chief executive, at a press conference.

More than 60% of production earmarked for domestic use

Poland’s poultry production up 6% in H1 2013

By Jaroslaw Adamowski

Poland’s poultry production increased by 6% to 793,000 tonnes (t) in the first half of 2013, according to a report released by state-run Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics (IERiGZ).

Poland is blaming Russian restrictions on actions of other EU countries

Poland denies blame for Russia meat ban

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Polish experts have claimed that the ban on meat exports from Poland to Russia was caused by the actions of a number of other European countries, which are regularly supplying sub-standard products to the international market, and have thus cast a shadow...

Russia claims it found bacteria in Polish pork and poultry

Russia raises more objections to Polish meat

By Andrew Kureth and Jacek Ciensnowski, in Warsaw

The Russian government has once again questioned the quality of Polish meat imported into its territory, raising concerns in Poland that Russia might impose import restrictions or a ban.

Polish MPs have rejected a bill to make religious slaughter legal

Poland rejects non-stun slaughter

By Carina Perkins

Poland’s parliament has infuriated religious groups and the meat industry by rejecting a bill that would have legalised slaughter without stunning for kosher and halal meat.


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