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Business is progressively acknowledging how deeply reliant it is on the planet’s biodiversity.

Dairy companies among biodiversity pledge coalition

By Jim Cornall

Nineteen companies and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), have launched a new initiative to protect and restore biodiversity within their supply chains and product portfolios.

Brussels Bulletin: EU ups the ante on plastic waste

Brussels Bulletin: EU ups the ante on plastic waste

By Oliver Morrison

In the latest run down of EU news, FoodDrinkEurope is to sign a declaration to tackle plastic waste, the EC publishes its annual food safety report and Austria deals a blow to the landmark Mercosur trade deal.

Does lab meat answer our changing attitudes to animal protein?

Are our attitudes to meat changing?

By Natasha Spencer

As we see a shift towards ‘clean’, ‘cultured’ and ‘lab-grown’ meat, what does this mean for the popularity of traditional meat consumption? Has the new meat revolution really taken off? And is it the end of meat as we know it today? We take a look with...

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