Survey suggests traffic light food labels prompt individuals to consider their health and to make healthier choices at point-of-purchase

Another green light for traffic light nutrition labels?

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn

A ‘traffic light’ labelling system improves consumer awareness of health and healthy choices at the point of purchase, according to an American study which adds further research to an issue which has proved prickly in Europe of late.

Unless the new labels change purchasing behaviour, they will have failed

Campaign to clarify new hybrid label

By Rick Pendrous

The government is planning a public education campaign to help consumers understand the new hybrid front-of-pack (FoP) nutrition labelling scheme the Department of Health (DH) recently launched to stem rising obesity levels.

Multinationals won't adopt the system unless it is mandatory across the EU, says Willmott

Only EU regulation can ensure traffic light compliance, says MEP


Traffic light labelling should be rolled out across Europe, according to British MEP Glenis Willmott, following the UK’s introduction of a hybrid labelling system that includes GDAs (guideline daily amounts) as well as colour coding last month.

Scientists urge inclusion of glycaemic index on food labels

Scientists urge inclusion of glycaemic index on food labels


The quality of carbohydrates in foods as measured by their glycaemic index (GI) should be included in national dietary guidelines and on food labels, according to a group of leading nutrition scientists from ten countries.

Health groups urge action on nutrient profiling

Health groups urge action on nutrient profiling


A group of European health organisations has urged European Commission president José Manuel Barroso to issue a proposal on nutrient profiling as part of a wider EU goal to reduce premature deaths.

Could the WTO overturn EU health claim laws?

Could the WTO overturn EU health claim laws?

By Shane Starling from Brussels

Aggrieved companies and  trade groups have already mounted legal actions against the EU’s strict health claim laws – they are in process – but the regulation’s workings could face fresh challenge from governments signed up to the World Trade Organization...

Salt reduction policies may also involve trade flow in the future

What’s next for salt reduction policy?


European salt reduction initiatives have come a long way over the past few years – but what’s working, and what are the next steps?

The EC has asked EFSA to re-evaluate the safety of phosphate-containing additives

Phosphate study prompts EC request for safety reassessment

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The European Commission has asked the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to reassess the safety of phosphates as food additives, after researchers suggested excessive phosphate consumption could be damaging to health.

Nestlé has escaped ASA censure for a recent Nesquik TV advert


ASA-OK with us! Nestlé escapes Nesquik rap on ‘poor nutritional habits’ claim


Nestlé milkshake brand Nesquik has escaped UK Advertising Standards Authority censure after viewers of a TV ad alleged that it encouraged ‘poor nutritional habits’ among children, but the Children's Food Campaign slammed the 'ever-accommodating...

Nestlé has updated many of its previous goals on nutrition and sustainability

Nestlé outlines sustainability and nutrition goals

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Nestlé has published a raft of sustainability and nutrition commitments it aims to meet by 2020 or earlier, including sourcing 100% certified sustainable palm oil, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and improving nutrition labelling.

The Scottish government is seeking to define the new food body's scope

Scotland seeks to define scope of independent food authority

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The shape of a new Scottish food body is set to be sketched out following a consultation period opened last week on the responsibilities and functions of an authority separate from the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA).

Around the world in numerous food labeling ways

Around the world in numerous food labeling ways

By Shane Starling

Smart food labelling must emphasise good science and careful thought about consumer impact, the European Food Information Council has concluded after completing an exhaustive global survey.

IRN-BRU hits back at inaccurate Daily Mail article (Picture Copyright: AG Barr)

uk drinks firm upset by 'inaccurate' daily mail article

AG Barr slams ‘absolutely untrue’ IRN-BRU sugar deception claims


AG Barr tells it is 'very concerned' by an inaccurate article in UK national newspaper the Daily Mail, claiming it prefers profit to consumer health by hiding sugar values on cans of IRN-BRU Regular.

Food manufacturers should do more to endorse the hybrid front-of-pack nutrition labelling scheme, said Sue Davies

Food manufacturers slammed for failing to embrace hybrid labels

By Rick Pendrous

Food manufacturers have been attacked for their reluctance to endorse the hybrid front-of-pack nutrition labelling scheme on packs, despite it winning the support of the major multiples and the UK government as the best means of helping consumers to make...

Chr Hansen backs fresh probiotic immunity trial

Chr Hansen backs fresh probiotic immunity trial

Danish probiotics leader Chr Hansen, which ditched a €4m immunity trial for some of its probiotic strains last year, is participating in a new trial to determine if probiotics can reduce the number of infections in small children.

Food manufacturers should sign up to the hybrid nutrition labelling scheme, said public health experts

Health experts back hybrid nutrition labels

By Michelle Knott

Food manufacturers that are serious about improving public health should sign up to the hybrid nutrition labelling scheme proposed by the government and backed by retailers, say public health experts.

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