K+G Wetter raises hygiene standards

By Aaron McDonald

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K+G Wetter's labyrinth disk intercepts liquid products before they can reach the seal level
K+G Wetter's labyrinth disk intercepts liquid products before they can reach the seal level

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German-based machinery manufacturer K+G Wetter claims to have created “clever detailed solutions” to hand-cleaned machines.

According to the company, machines that are generally cleaned by hand run the risk of residues remaining, with the potential of dirt collecting in dips, cracks or slits around damaged seals, welding seams or surfaces. This can damage the hygiene standards for meat processing.

To overcome these setbacks, K+G Wetter has designed its machinery in such a way that they are closed off by a stainless steel casing on all sides, while special seals on the inspection openings stop dust or moisture from getting into the machine.

For extra safety, large cutters exposed to high temperatures can be equipped with external ventilation systems. All of the stainless steel surfaces on machinery produced by the company are designed in a manner that prevents cleaning water from collecting. Instead, any liquid runs off the sloped surface.

Machine life extended

K+G Wetter has also ensured that all rotating components of its machinery have been designed using high-quality sealing units. Rinse drains are incorporated behind the mixer shaft, feeder worm or meat, maximising hygienic safety. Using nothing more than a water hose, the area behind the shafts can be rinsed with water or additional cleaning agents using rinse connections on the machine body.

Cleaning water is led to the outside of machinery through an outlet drain running across the machine floor.

A selection of K+G Wetter machines – like the mixer grinder MW 200 and the mixer automatic grinder MAW 160 L – have been developed so that the mixing hopper and the drives are completely separated, maximising hygiene solutions.

Due to an ‘easy access​’ feature, resulting in a large opening to the mixing room on the new company’s new range of angle grinders and mixer angle grinder E 130 mm/G 160.

Although the machines’ cutters feature high-quality seals, liquid product can push in the direction of the knife shaft where it enters the body of the cutter. To overcome this challenge, K+G Wetter has developed a ‘labyrinth disk’​ that catches liquid product before it can make its way to the seal level. To clean the disk, it can be removed from the knife shaft. As seals and bearings are better protected, this system improves the machine’s service life as well as the hygiene standards.

K+G Wetter will also be attending the meat processing machinery trade show IFFA in May 2016. 

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