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EU records significant jump in cross-border food fraud cases in 2018

By Oliver Morrison

The number of cases reported to the EU Food Fraud Network rose significantly last year. Requests from one European country to cooperate with others on food fraud cases rose to 234 in 2018, compared to 178 in 2017 and 157 in 2016, according to its annual...

Oceana said EU governments and consumers have a role to play to prevent seafood fraud

Oceana finds fishy fraud in Brussels

By Joseph James Whitworth

Almost a third of seafood was mislabelled in Brussels with economic reasons the main driver behind the fraud, according to Oceana.

Spanish urged to eat more fish

Spanish urged to eat more fish

A new €3.5 million marketing campaign designed to promote the
consumption of fish and seafood was backed last week by the Spanish
Ministry of Agriculture. The campaign will also highlight the risks
of eating immature fish, which has...


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