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Will the UK follow in Sweden's footsteps with mandatory vitamin D fortification? © / Zerbor

UK spotlight falls on mandatory vitamin D fortification

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

The re-emergence of the Victorian-era condition rickets in the UK has put the spotlight back on vitamin D intakes, and a recent advisory committee report will likely spur debate on the need for mandatory fortification.

The Westminster government has been urged to enforce the mandatory fortification of bread and flour with folic acid across the UK

Call for UK-wide folic acid fortification

By Rick Pendrous

The government at Westminster is being urged to press ahead with mandatory fortification of bread and flour with folic acid across the UK in a bid to reduce neural tube defects in foetuses.

Mothers' diets and lifestyles before and during pregnancy can affect their infants’ risk of succumbing to disease

Obesity during pregnancy poses lifetime health risk for babies

By Rick Pendrous

A woman’s diet and lifestyle before and during pregnancy, and her baby’s diet in early life, can affect the infant’s risk of succumbing to disease later on and this will have important implications for the food industry, a new scientific report has concluded.

The conversation has built and is set to be decided soon, following latest consultation paper...

New Zealand finally set to decide on folic acid fortification?

By Kacey Culliney

New Zealand’s Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has called for submissions on its latest consultation paper set to decide between mandatory implementation of folic acid fortification or a continued voluntary policy.

Folic acid: Old women and children first!

Folic acid: Old women and children first!

Look at the globe and you’d be hard pressed to find two countries further apart than Ireland and New Zealand. But they stand side-by-side on the folic acid fortification issue – it is not needed.

Folate fights the blues

Folate fights the blues

Evidence continues to mount suggesting a link between various
stages of depression and low blood levels of the B vitamin folate,
according to research funded by the Agricultural Research Service
in the US.

Hands up for B vitamins!

Hands up for B vitamins!

Folic acid could dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease,
deep vein thrombosis and stroke according to researchers in this
week's British Medical Journal. Scientists report that the
vitamin can reduce levels of homocysteine...

Folate to fight miscarriages?

Folate to fight miscarriages?

A study of more than 400 Swedish women has found that folate
deficiency was associated with a 50 per cent increase in risk of
early miscarriage. Researchers at the Karolinska Institutet in
Stockholm, Sweden, also found that high folate...


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