US-UK chlorinated chicken row escalates

US-UK chlorinated chicken row escalates

By Aidan Fortune

The debate over chlorinated chicken has increased following a lack of assurance from the UK Government that the process won’t remain banned.

Photo: National University of Ireland, Galway. Biofilms on surfaces at low (300) and high magnification (3000) using electron microscope

Salmonella biofilms show disinfectant resistance

By Joseph James Whitworth

Attempts to kill seven-day old Salmonella biofilms is ‘extraordinarily difficult’ if not ‘impossible’, according to researchers who used different disinfectants.

Birkoside MP-2 takes on listeria on cantaloupe rind battle

Birko helps cantaloupe growers in food safety fight

Birko is offering a peroxyacetic acid (PAA) based formulation, Birkoside MP-2, that has been shown effective against listeria on cantaloupe rind, in response to concerns ahead of the growing season. 


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