The human body has the same neurones in the brain and receptors in the brain and gut, say the researchers - suggesting that the mechanism may result in 'compensation' after consuming food and drink containing zero-calorie sweeteners.

Brain hormone could help distinguish sugar and zero calorie sweeteners

By Nathan Gray

Fruit flies have a set of neurones that fire only when they encounter real sugar – triggering the release of a hormone that is not released when they eat a non-calorific sweetener. And researchers suggest that humans possess the same ‘molecular machinery’.

EFSA: Neonicotinoids could harm human nervous system

EFSA: Neonicotinoids could harm human nervous system


Two neonicotinoid insecticides may harm the developing nervous system, and exposure should be limited to below current recommendations, says the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Powerhouse berries

Powerhouse berries

New evidence to support the health benefits of cranberries comes
from the US this week as researchers suggest cranberries may reduce
brain cell damage associated with stroke.


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