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What is water stewardship? Bottled water and protecting sources

Sustainability spotlight

Past, present and future: Bottled water's journey through time

By Rachel Arthur

Natural mineral and spring water brands are built on their provenance, making their source a unique part of who they are. But with increasing pressure from man's impact on the planet, how are brands protecting their water for the future?

GCC bottled water market to rise 50% by 2020

GCC bottled water market to rise 50% by 2020

By Eliot Beer

Bottled water consumption in the GCC will rise by 50% to more than 21 billion litres by 2020, according to a report from the Gulf Organization for Industrial Consulting (GOIC).

Race on to bag Knjaz Milos

Race on to bag Knjaz Milos

The sale of shares in Serbian mineral water bottler Knjaz Milos has
attracted considerable attention from a succession of foreign
companies, with France's Group Danone, Cayman Islands registered
FPP Balkan, Hungarian-based Jaminca...

Thirsty for health

Thirsty for health

Health concerns continue to drive bottled water sales in the UK as
the findings of a new report reveal that sales rose another 11 per
cent last year to 1770 million litres, contributing £1,000 million
(€1.472m) in retail value, writes...


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