ADM identifies key microbiome trends

By Kavitha Sivasubramaniam

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Global nutrition company ADM has announced its top predictions for the fast-growing global microbiome market based on findings from its consumer insights platform, Outside Voice.

The trends cover specific areas of wellness connected to the microbiome, such as skin health, cognitive health and immune function, as well as the move towards more personalised nutrition.

Growing awareness

Growing consumer awareness of the gut-brain connection and the link between microbiome function with mood and cognition is one trend ADM has identified that is shaping the sector.

The research from Outside Voice in partnership with FMCG Gurus discovered that 58% of respondents know about the potential benefits that bacteria of the digestive tract could have on some areas of health and wellbeing.

As awareness of the link between mind and body increases, people are becoming more conscious of the affect their choices of supplements, food and drink could have on their overall wellbeing, says ADM. More than half (53%) of those surveyed said they found products that boost brain health appealing.

The second key prediction involves personalised nutrition solutions designed to support everyday performance for Olympians and Weekend Warriors alike.

According to ADM, people are starting to view their lifestyle and diet choices more holistically, with a clear focus on gut health. The microbiome a central part of this because of its connection to the immune function, sleep hygiene, overall mental wellbeing, and more.

While ready-to-drink shakes and protein bars are currently staples in most households for those with active lifestyles, they may soon be tailored to help consumers with a specific activity and their individual lifestyle needs.

The third trend highlighted is that people are using test-kits to benchmark the make-up of their microbiome.

Consumers are able to discover more about their bodies with the help of personalised assessment solutions, such as assessments of their gut microbiomes, which are becoming more mainstream.

Thanks to new technology in the sector, testing kits are now available that consumers can use to benchmark the compilation of their microbiomes. People are using this data to inform new habits in terms of their diet and lifestyle. 

Around 59% of respondents are interested in the idea of nutrition-focused genetic testing, with 64% of those prepared to use technology to do so.

Understanding solutions

Demystification of probiotics and the skin microbiome is the fourth prediction from ADM.

The company says that consumers are increasingly starting to believe that more probiotics have benefits that reach beyond the gut, and studies are starting to reveal the part the skin microbiome plays, as well as how probiotics can help skin health in both topical and oral and applications. However, consumers want solutions that can prove their claims.

Finally, ADM predicts consumer interest in immune health will be a top priority today and in the future.

Support for the immune function is a key priority for people because of the Covid-19 pandemic and ongoing cold and flu issues.

Three-quarters of respondents globally say they will try harder to stay healthy, with 65% being more aware of their immune health because of Covid. In addition, two-thirds are looking for supplements that are formulated to aid immune function.

New discoveries and insights

Mark Lotsch, President, Global Health & Wellness at ADM, says: “There is a growing body of scientific evidence that links the gut microbiome to key aspects of health and wellbeing. Nutrition is one of the most effective tools at our disposal in supporting healthy microbiome function.

“ADM's research is bringing new discoveries and insights to the fore – demonstrating the potential positive impacts of dietary microbiome support on aspects of health and wellbeing. By combining clinical research with investments in real-world applications, such as our partnerships with innovators like Nourished and Brightseed, ADM empowers its customers with the knowledge and solutions to meet consumer needs.”

According to ADM, these emerging trends in biotic solutions supporting the microbiome, along with increasing consumer interest, mean there’s high growth potential in the market.

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