Global apple juice rises as China ramps up supplies

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Prices for apple juice should remain steady as world apple juice
production hits record figures for the second year on growing
Chinese production.

New figures from the US government pitch expectations for 2004/05 at 1.3 million metric tons, up from 1.2 million tons the previous year.

Since 2002/03, global juice production has hit a new record each year. China continues to be the world's top producer, followed by Poland.

The increase for 04/05 season is largely due to a rise in Chinese production of 46,000 tons, a more modest increase compared to last year's 100,000 tons.

In recent years, China's apple juice industry is responding to growing global demand, planting more high acid or "high-sour" apple varieties suitable for processing into juice.

The US Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS​) estimates that China's apple juice production expansion is expected to continue as more marketing opportunities develop, prompting ongoing increases in high-sour juicing apple plantings.

In addition, production increases in Argentina, Germany, Hungary, and Italy are offsetting declines in Chile and Spain.

The report notes that production levels continue to wane in the US, with estimates down 2 per cent during 2004/05.

Global apple juice trade is expected to have another record year in 2004/2005.World apple juice exports of select countries will be 1.137 million tons with China expected to export about 46 per cent of this global total.

Total apple juice imports from selected countries are estimated to drop slightly. The US, one of the world's largest importers, is expected to take less based on most recent trade data, while Germany's larger domestic production will reduce the demand for imported product.

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