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SVZ is an international producer of liquid fruit and vegetable ingredients for the global food and beverage industry. SVZ is an expert in red fruit, but also a significant player in (sub-)tropical fruit. SVZ is European market leader in red fruit purees and juice concentrates as well as vegetable juice concentrates. SVZ combines a large portfolio with constant quality, fair pricing and a high service level. SVZ offers a stable supply throughout the year and a backwards integrated supply chain. It is SVZ’s philosophy to control the chain from soil to customer. SVZ is based in Western & Eastern Europe, USA and Asia with processing facilities, sales offices and strategically located purchasing offices.


The assortment comprises: NFC juices and juice concentrates, Purees and concentrated purees and Compounds


The portfolio offers opportunities for applications in beverages, bakery, confectionery, dairy, ice-cream, liquor, jam and preparations. SVZ has the knowledge and expertise to produce ingredients from natural raw materials, and to advise the use of ingredients in recipes, the production process and the most efficient logistic process.

SVZ is also certified to produce organic products.


SVZ believes that by establishing an efficient, controlled and sustainable supply chain between growers and the food industry, we are a partner company of choice. Efficiency is to be reached by cost-driven production and supply chains, and by acting on world food markets in an agile way. Controls on the entire supply chain will ensure reliability in supply, quality, food safety and sustainability. We believe that acting in close cooperation with customers will ultimately benefit growth and profitability.


SVZ: orchestrating the power of fruit and vegetables


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