Palsgaard A/S

Palsgaard A/S


Palsgaard is a specialist in the manufacture of emulsifiers, stabilizers and other specialized ingredients for the food industry. Complementary to this, we provide application service to help our customers to make the step between idea and production as short as possible.
Palsgaard has an internationally grounded knowledge base and breadth of experience, and are keen to share it. That's our world - and it's what we live and breathe for!
Knowledge:​ We combine theory with a wealth of practical experience, breaking new ground with innovations that enhance our customer's competitiveness.
Products:​ We manufacture our own ingredients - effectively and safely, ensuring that they fully conform to the pertinent quality criteria.
Application service:​ Across the world, we engage with our customers at the sharp end. Our aim is to enhance their ability to move from idea to production swiftly and smoothly.
When you choose Palsgaard you get a package that enhances your ideas and sharpens your competitive edge. Our initiatives are grounded in extensive knowledge, which both translates research findings into brand new products and gets channelled into the daily production flow at the customers.
Palsgaard supply and service customers in various businesses, but first and foremost customers in:

  • Industrial Bakery
  • Fine Foods
  • Chocolate and Confectionery
  • Margarine and Shortenings
  • Dairy
  • Ice Cream


    We are part of the customer's R&D unit. We have pilot facilities in all the application areas in which we work. We support customers by providing ingredients specifications for recipes, thus contributing to both increased efficiency and product quality. We contribute by fine-tuning the processes, testing the effects in our pilot facilities and preparing the product for full-scale production.

    Palsgaard have application centres in Denmark, Poland, Russia, Singapore, China and Mexico.

    We are present in every part of the world because we want to have hands-on knowledge of the environments in which our customers work. We help solve challenges in situ.


    Palsgaard companies comprise a multiplicity of state-of-the-art production facilities in which we produce emulsifiers in strict compliance with the quality control requirements implicit in the HACCP principles and the ISO 9001 system.


    Nexus is Palsgaard's independent Research Centre - an area of high activity and priority. One employee in seven works in the Centre's state-of-the-art laboratories. The findings that emerge enable us to help our customers utilize their energy, primary produce, ideas and production facilities to optimal effect.

    So far, our efforts have resulted in more than 50 patents - which are, in effect, our DNA.


    Palsgaard's industrial history began in 1919. The founder of the Palsgaard concern, E.V. Schou, whose achievements include the invention of the first industrially produced emulsifier, set up the Schou Foundation that owns the Palsgaard companies, in 1957. Part of the rationale was to ensure continued research and development at Palsgaard.

    This freedom provides us with a unique opportunity to concentrate on advancing our customers' businesses. We are not constrained by the need to chase short-term profit but can focus on forging enduring and mutually profitable relationships with our customers.

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