FARAVELLI, The Best Ingredient

FARAVELLI, The Best Ingredient

FARAVELLI​ is a world leader in the distribution​ of food ingredients and raw materials​, combining a global network with first-rate local service. We are a strategic partner offering top quality products served through just-in-time solutions; an integrated approach meant to bring more opportunities and synergies to customers’ advantage.

Each sister company of the group has its own Food Division​, proposing a broad and complete product line​ to satisfy all expectations​ in terms of taste, yield, texture, appearance, consistency, safety, label and shelf-life for all main food applications​, such as bakery, ice creams, milk derivates, dairy products, dessert and confectionery, drinks and beverages, sweet and savory snacks, meat and fish.

Offering you the Best ingredients for a tasty life, FARAVELLI is the Best Ingredient​ for your business!

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