Eurofins Genomics

Eurofins Genomics

Eurofins Genomics, a member of the Eurofins Group with facilities in Europe, the United States and Asia, is an internationally leading provider of DNA sequencing services, NGS (next generation sequencing) services, genotyping services, DNA synthesis products and bioinformatics services for pharma, diagnostics, food, agriculture, biotechnological and research markets. For further information on Genomic testing capabilities, please visit our website at  

Our specific services for the Food market:

  • Food Authenticity – we offer a wide range of different DNA testing methods on pure or mixed samples in order to help you secure your products against food fraud.
  • Meat Traceability – we can help you trace the origin of your meat with the highest precision possible from farm to fork.
  • Pathogen Traceability – we can help you track down the sources of your contamination using the highest resolution DNA method.

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