High performance enzymes for the Food & Beverage industry

BASF develops, produces, and markets industrial enzymes that help our customers in a variety of industries to improve the quality and consistency of their products while saving raw materials, water and energy or avoiding pollutants. 

Improving nutrition and ensuring the supply of affordable and healthy food to our global community are among the biggest challenges facing modern society. 

Food suppliers have to juggle ever-changing requirements and customer expectations in tackling that challenge. Nutrilfe® enzymes are our answer to the increasing demands placed on the Food & Beverage industry.

As biotechnology's solution to many industrial and environmental challenges, enzymes help boost productivity while improving the sustainability footprint and ensuring consistent product quality. Nutrilife® lets food suppliers produce affordable, healthy and appealing food and beverage products while contributing to more efficient use of resources.

Baked Goods

Nutrilife® baking enzymes help you to optimize the baking process and better meet your customers’ expectations: Improve dough machinability and stability, preserve freshness during shelf-life, ensure consistent baking results and add feel-good factors to your baked goods.

Juice & Wine

Nutrilife® juice & wine enzymes help you to optimize the production process and better meet your customers’ expectations: Improve flavor, clarification and color extraction, optimize juice yield, ensure a consistent quality and increase processing capacity despite natural fluctuations in raw materials and without any compromise on nutrition or color.

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