What's next in 'healthier for you' protein coatings

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What's next in 'healthier for you' protein coatings

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This webcast is hosted by Griffith Foods whose experts will take you on a journey to better understand coatings for protein and alternative protein substrates.

With over 100 years’ experience in the food industry Griffith Foods’ will shine a light on changes in consumer wants and needs across the spectrum of coated protein products. The team will scrutinize key factors that are driving these changes.

Coatings are known to bring taste, texture, colour and appearance to a product. During this webinar options and solutions will be discussed to add nutritional as an additional attribute to coated products for meeting and managing consumer demand as the world returns to a new normal.

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Rochelle Schätzl Rochelle Schätzl Head of Marketing
Griffith Foods Europe in Africa

Damien Damien Wurpillot Consumer Insights Manager Europe
Griffith Foods

Paulien Berrens Paulien Berrens Innovation Technologist
Griffith Foods Europe

Jamie Measor Jamie Measor Sensory Coordinator
Griffith Foods Europe