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Pea Protein: Sowing the seeds for plant-based perfection

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The alternative protein market is continuing to grow exponentially across the globe, thanks to the rising popularity of flexitarian diets and trends like Veganuary. In August 2020, 35% of UK and German consumers who identified as flexitarian in a recent survey conducted by ADM said they were actively trying to consume less meat and dairy products.1

Infographic Pea Protein

According to a 2020 study by Mintel, pea protein is the fastest growing plant protein in global product launches over the last five years.2​ It also offers sustainability benefits over other protein sources, as the crop requires less water and fertilizer, and is an inherently non-Genetically Modified Organism (GMO).3,4

Faced with an ever-changing and increasingly crowded market, brands need to continually innovate to stand out. To help them do just that, while meeting their consumers’ need to live healthily and sustainably as well as maintaining or increasing protein intake, ADM has created three new pea proteins. Arcon T 513 and Arcon T 514 are textured blends of Pea and Chickpea and Pea and Navy Bean respectively, whereas ProFam 580 is a powdered pea protein.

Stand-out pea protein

Even though pea protein is one of the most popular alternative protein sources in Europe, brands have previously found it hard to work with pea’s taste and solubility.5​ ADM is tackling these barriers by developing ProFam Pea Protein 580 and Arcon T Textured Protein – an innovative combination of pea proteins and other legumes. These products have a clean taste and light color that make them ideal for a wide range of non-allergen and nutrient-dense alternative protein applications.

ProFam Pea Protein 580 is a powdered protein with superior solubility and gel strength, opening up a variety of opportunities for use in alternative beverages, snacks and other plant-based applications. These include a yogurt type concept incorporating ADM’s Pea Protein – an excellent source of calcium that contains over 7g of plant-based protein per 5.3oz serving.

The Arcon T textured proteins have a higher water absorption capacity and protein content than other pea proteins currently on the market. They contain over 65% protein on a moister-free basis, and offer over 14g of protein per 85g serving when used in plant-based nuggets - a delicious and vegan take on a family dinner staple. Food brands can also use ProFam 580 and Arcon T 513 in combination to create Italian-style sausage-less crumbles that are vegan, non-allergenic, non-GMO and offer 11g of protein per 56g serving.

On top of the benefits seen in pea proteins at large, ADM’s peas are grown and processed in North America, contributing to a sustainable supply chain. These two new product offerings are testament to ADM’s expertise and drive for constant innovation in the alternative protein market.

The ideal partner for alternative protein solutions

As the industry landscape continues to change, the full value of ADM’s broad portfolio and expert knowledge is clear. With teams focused on anticipating global trends and defining emerging taste and flavor profiles, ADM is uniquely positioned to be the ideal partner for your alternative protein needs.

ADM’s holistic approach to solving customers’ needs means we can bring our whole portfolio of solutions to bear, leveraging our flavors, colors, textures and ingredients expertise across global markets. By working with ADM, food brands can satisfy the health and environmental concerns driving consumer behaviour, while still delivering the taste and texture they demand from high-protein, plant-based products. Thanks to ADM’s portfolio of expertise and wide range of alternative protein solutions - including soy, wheat, beans, pulses as well as grains, seeds and nuts – food brands and their customers no longer have to compromise on taste, texture or functionality.

To find out more about ADM’s pea protein portfolio, and how we can create products and solutions to suit your needs, click the banner below.


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