Clean label 2.0: Examining tomorrow’s top ingredient trends – Roundtable Discussion

Clean Label 2018

Once a point of differentiation, demand for natural and authentic foods mean clean labels are now frequently a prerequisite for sales success. But as food manufacturers work to keep chemical-sounding ingredients out of their products, they must also grapple with issues around food safety, waste, sugar reduction and functionality. With the continued evolution of consumer expectations, we examine the meaning of clean labels to consumers and ask what challenges and opportunities will shape the future of clean labelling.


Daniele Asioli Daniele Asioli Lecturer in Consumer Studies, Applied Economics, Marketing and Development
University of Reading

Sophie Hieke Sophie Hieke Head of Consumer Science
European Food Information Council (EUFIC)

Wissame Essabri Wissame Essabri Technical Research & Development Consultant

Katy Askew Katy Askew Senior Editor