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Industry Insights from NIZO: What is the gut-brain axis and what role does food play in it? GettyImages/inkoly


Gut-brain axis on a chip: a faster route to foods that promote brain health

By René Floris, NIZO Food Research Division Manager

The relationship between food and brain health is already being explored, and could soon help accelerate the development of new food products that promote mental wellbeing, according to Dr Kerensa Broersen, associate professor of applied stem cell technologies...

NIZO's Robyn Eijlander discusses how to ensure and control microbial quality when adding novel ingredients or probiotics, or adapting processes. GettyImages/nicolas_


How can microbial quality control help reduce food waste?

By Robyn Eijlander, microbiology and food safety expert at NIZO

Food waste is a global concern. What role can microbial quality control play in reducing its prevalence? Robyn Eijlander, Microbiology and Food Safety expert at NIZO, weighs in.


Industry insights from NIZO: Safety challenges for plant-based foods

By René Floris, NIZO Food Research Division Manager

In this series of articles, NIZO Food Research Division Manager and FoodNavigator advisory panel member René Floris discusses some of the big issues in today’s food industry. This month, he continues his exploration of the protein transition by looking...

Computer software could speed NPD

Massive food ‘dictionary’ to speed new product development

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

New product developers may soon have a new tool for coming up with innovative food concepts, as a group of Dutch companies and universities is developing a huge dictionary of food knowledge compiled from more than 20 million seemingly unrelated documents.


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