Building for the future: DSM on lessons from Food Vision 2014

Key Insights from Food Vision

Building for the future: DSM on lessons from Food Vision 2014

By Nathan Gray

Industry needs to ‘dramatically innovate’ if it is to come up with sustainable solutions to feed the world, says James Bauly of DSM, as he summarises his take away messages from the event.

Promar International senior consultant Matthew Incles warns businesses to balance NPD with adaptations

Manufacturers miss big breaks with small innovations

By Nicholas Robinson

Food and drinks manufacturers could be missing out on ground-breaking new product development opportunities by making too many small adaptations to existing products, a leading consultant has warned.

Emerging technologies such as novel emulsion processes receiving more attention

Innovation club meets for the first time

By Gary Scattergood

Pan-European manufacturers that have signed up to Leatherhead Food Research's (LFR's) innovation 'club' will get a glimpse of the latest novel emulsion, hygiene and fibre optic sensing technologies at its first meeting later this month.

SMEs have potential to grow tall among industry giants, industry expert

‘Nimble’ SMEs: The innovators of industry

By Kacey Culliney

SMEs are not bound by corporate structure and are therefore flexible to respond to market changes quickly and innovate accordingly with many eyeing the premium, niche segment, according to industry expert.

Companies highlight cost-savings and innovations

Dispatches from DrinkTec

Companies highlight cost-savings and innovations

By Guy Montague-Jones

With Drinktec in mid flow in Munich, Decision News Media has prepared a short podcast from the giant trade show to give you an audio glimpse of the highlights.


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