French guinea fowl bred outdoors has been added to the list of protected EU meats

Latest EU protected meat names revealed

By Kitty So

The European Commission has protected four more meat traditional products from Croatia, France, and Spain by adding them to the EU’s list of protected ‘geographical indications’.

Janet McCollum: Brexit could 'limit export opportunities'

Moy Park backs Remain in Brexit vote

By Oscar Rousseau

Meat processor Moy Park has thrown its full weight behind the UK remaining in the EU eight days before the crucial referendum.

Japan's appetite for offal items, like liver, could be an good market for EU beef producers

Japan – an interesting market for EU offal?

By Oscar Rousseau

European beef producers could generate solid profits by exporting offal and prime beef to Japan and this makes the prospect of striking a trade deal with the nation a good idea.

Food manufacturers could face ‘severe’ consequences if Britons vote to leave the EU, warns a logistics provider

Brexit debate

Brexit could have ‘severe’ trade impact on food firms

By Michelle Perrett

Brexit could have “severe” consequences for food manufacturers that trade with EU countries, as they could face delivery delays and customs barriers, a logistics supplier has warned. 

Before Russia's EU pork ban, the country was worth €1.4bn to pig producers in Europe

Russian import ban extension slammed

By Liz Newmark, in Brussels

Russia’s plan to extend its import ban to a range of EU, US, Canadian, Australian and Norwegian food exporters until December 31, 2017 has been met with criticism from the meat industry.

EU membership 'is vital' for the success of our food and drink sector: Sir Stuart Rose


EU ‘vital for food industry success’: Sir Stuart Rose

By Michael Stones

EU membership is “vital for the success” of the UK food and drink manufacturing sector, argues Sir Stuart Rose, chairman of Britain Stronger in Europe and former executive chairman of Marks & Spencer.

Much of Turkey's food regulation is harmonised with EU law making it a hassle-free country to do business  - although there are some notable exceptions, such as GMOs, nutrient profiles and maximum salt levels. © iStock

Spotlight on Turkish regulation: 'It's an easy market to enter'

By Niamh Michail

Harmonisation of Turkish and EU food law make it an easy and attractive market for foreign companies, but on issues that affect public health - such as nutrient profiles, health claims, GM food and salt reduction - the country is forging its own path. FoodNavigator...

Owen Paterson (left) and James Paice: opposite sides in Brexit debate

Brexit debate

Former Tory food ministers slug it out over Brexit

By Rick Pendrous

Britain’s ability to develop genetically modified (GM) foods was a central theme of a debate on next month’s EU referendum between two former Tory food ministers yesterday (May 12) in London.

Smaller food and drink operators are more in favour of a Brexit than big manufacturers

Brexit debate

Brexit backed by more smaller food firms

By Rick Pendrous

Support for a Brexit in next month’s EU referendum is stronger among smaller food and drink operators, with many not expecting it to make a very big difference to their businesses, according to a new survey conducted by the publisher of this website.

The publication of almost 250 pages of internal documents from the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the EU and the US suggests that a deal is increasingly unlikely. (©

TTIP leaks: Five points of interest for the food industry

By David Burrows

The publication of almost 250 pages of internal documents from the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the EU and the US suggests that a deal is increasingly unlikely. 

Pekka Pesonen: Meat industry paying for the politics of Russia's trade ban

Competition key to meat market growth

By Liz Newmark, in Brussels

How to remain competitive in the face of falling meat consumption is the main challenge facing the meat and livestock industry, Pekka Pesonen, secretary general of EU farmers’ organisation Copa-Cogeca, told GlobalMeatNews.

Business leaders who back EU membership should be far more outspoken, said the FDF boss

Foodex 2016

Food leaders should ‘grow a pair’ over EU promotion

By Michael Stones

Food and drink manufacturing leaders and other business executives who support EU membership have been urged to promote the benefits of membership far more actively, in hard-hitting comments from Food and Drink Federation (FDF) boss Ian Wright, delivered...

Pekka Pesonen: EU farmers are suffering from an

Copa-Cogeca slams ‘unacceptable’ EU-Mercosur deal

By Oscar Rousseau

Farming body Copa-Cogeca tells EU ministers to oppose a deal with South American trade bloc Mercosur that would pave the way to lower tariffs, leading to a “catastrophic impact” on beef

EU politicians voted today to scrap nutrient profiles. 'We deeply regret the EU Parliament chose to stand by the food industry and let down consumers,' said consumer rights group BEUC. © iStock

European Parliament votes to scrap nutrient profiles

By Niamh Michail

Members of European Parliament (MEPs) voted today to scrap nutrient profiles, a result that leaves consumer rights groups, public health campaigners and some industry players sorely disappointed.

“It seems clear that member state offices in Brussels are wide open to corporate lobbyists.” © / Rawpixel

Backroom Brussels? Report calls for EU lobbying clampdown

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

A transparency watchdog has called for legally-binding measures to tackle lobbying in the EU, following the release of its report that claimed permanent representations for member states were being left wide open to corporate pressure.

Pedro Parada: Organic farmers undercut by firms who

Mexico’s nascent organic meat sector could be lifted by EU deal

By Keith Nuthall and Elizabeth Machuca, in Mexico City

The EU and Mexico have launched talks to deepen their trading relationship by negotiating a bilateral trade agreement on organic products. Such a deal could give a much needed shot-in-the-arm for the Mexican organic meat segment.

The EU has an opportunity to export Spanish-style pork products to Cuba, the UECBV say

Cuba - a ‘window of opportunity’ for EU pork

By Oscar Rousseau

Cuba has opened its market to a range of US food imports and the Spanish-speaking country has been tipped to be an unlikely saviour of Europe’s beleaguered pork sector, according to the European Meat and Livestock Trading Union (UECBV).

Copa President Martin Merrild: the emergency measures are a

Meat industry reacts to EU emergency aid

By Oscar Rousseau

Europe’s meat industry is “not particularly impressed” with the emergency aid measures proposed by the European Commission for the crisis-hit agriculture industry.

Plans for new measures to get pork back on its feet include reopening Russia's market

EU ministers rally to help 'bleeding' pork business

By Kitty So

EU ministers have told the European Commission to devise detailed assistance measures to help European pigmeat producers, following a debate at the EU Council of Ministers for agriculture on 14 March.

Eurogroup for Animals: time for the EU to

Europeans want farm animal welfare

By Oscar Rousseau

An overwhelming majority of European citizens want the political establishment to do more to improve the welfare of animals slaughtered for human consumption, according to a public opinion survey by Eurobarometer. 

The EU's exceptional measures to help the crisis-hit industry do not include additional funds

Commission aims at emergency aid for meat sector

By Oscar Rousseau

The EU has said the agriculture industry is in a “state of crisis” and aims to roll out an emergency aid package to rescue the beleaguered sector from further turmoil.

Brexit could spark a 'food industry crisis', warns the new report


Brexit could spark a ‘food factory crisis’

By John Wood

Leaving the EU could spark a “food factory crisis”, according to new research on the consequences of a British exit, or Brexit, from the EU, from the Food Research Collaboration (FRC).

EU livestock is worth around €159 and the bill was created to help Europe tackle disease

Animal health body criticises welfare law

By Oscar Rousseau

Compassion in World Farming (CiWF) has slammed the newly-approved EU Animal Health law for ignoring what it considers to be of the main causes of animal disease – intensive farming livestock practices.

The EU has been urged to ban Brazilian horsemeat exports over food safety fears

EU silent on Brazil horsemeat ban

By Oscar Rousseau

The EU has remained silent on whether it will ban Brazilian exports of horsemeat destined for Europe, following evidence of animal abuse in the supply chain. 

Brazil slaughtered nearly 200,000 horses in 2012, say the Food and Agriculture Organisation

EU urged to ban Brazilian horsemeat

By Oscar Rousseau

The EU has been urged to stop imports of Brazilian horsemeat after one body raised “serious concerns” over animal welfare abuse, following evidence that horses died while being transported to abattoirs.

Elizabeth Truss MP is in favour of voting to remain in a reformed EU. Image from NFU

UK government: Brexit creates trade uncertainty

By Alan Osborn

The government says an EU exit would create uncertainty for UK farmers and their ability to trade internationally, but the National Farmers’ Union is still undecided on what outcome from the EU referendum would be best for the industry.

'Let me be clear: An EU nutrition policy also requires strict regulation, notably in areas where there is scientific consensus about the negative health impact,' said Nestlé executive vice president Luis Cantarell. © iStock / Robtek

Nestlé calls for strictly regulated EU nutrition policy

By Kizzi Nkwocha

Europe needs a coherent, strictly regulated policy on nutrition in order to ensure the health and well-being of its 500 million citizens, according to Nestlé executive vice president Luis Cantarell.

Copa-Cogeca has called for simpler animal welfare regulations

Copa-Cogeca: no further animal rights laws needed

By Oscar Rousseau

The body responsible for promoting agriculture across Europe has called on EU farm ministers to enforce existing regulation on animal rights, not to create new and complex laws. 

Trade with Latin America could

EU beef market ‘fragile’

By Oscar Rousseau

Europe’s farming body Copa and Cogeca has urged the EU Commission not to progress with bilateral free trade talks, saying they could have a “catastrophic” effect on the beef sector.

Welsh food products would be hit by Brexit, claims the FUW

Brexit and the food industry

Brexit: ‘dangerous step into unknown’, says union

By Michael Stones

Quitting the EU would be “a dangerous step into the unknown”, warned the Farmers Union of Wales (FUW), during a debate with Welsh first minister Carwyn Jones and the UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, organised by the Institute for Welsh Affairs.

EU membership: should we stay or should we go?

Oxford Farming Conference

Brexit could mean ‘heaven or hell’ for food industry

By Michael Stones

Quitting the EU could spell ‘heaven or hell’ for the UK food and farming industry, according to two sharply contrasting views presented by former environment secretary Owen Paterson and EU agriculture commissioner Phil Hogan at the Oxford Farming Conference.

New novel foods regulation is expected to speed product launches

Novel foods changes will speed launches

By Noli Dinkovski

The EU’s decision to streamline the way it regulates novel foods and ingredients has received broad support from the food industry.

Gwyn Jones (centre): the challenge is

Be ‘pragmatic’ on antibiotics, Gwyn Jones tells EU

By Oscar Rousseau

Gwyn Jones,the newly-elected chairman of animal health for Copa and Cogeca, has used his new position to call on EU politicians to be sensible and realistic in their review on antibiotic legislation.

Commission report backs a legal limit for trans fat

Commission report backs a legal limit for trans fat

By Niamh Michail

A limit on permitted levels of industrial trans fats in food is the most effective way to reduce Europeans' risk of heart disease, says the European Commission in its long-awaited report - but it does not say what that limit should be.

Cogeca president Christian Pees: 'ban on hormone treated meat must be respected'

EU-US trade talks progress despite red tape fears

By Oscar Rousseau

High-level talks between the US agriculture secretary Tom Vilsacks and the presidents for Copa and Cogeca have outlined the opportunities that the transatlantic trade (TTIP) deal can offer both parties. 

The average EU pig meat price has been falling for eight consecutive weeks

Europe takes action on pig meat

By Andrew Burnyeat

Urgent measures to help Europe’s beleaguered pig meat industry have been announced – as well as redoubled efforts to negotiate over the ban on EU pig meat imposed by Russia.

Copa president Martin Merrild: pig meat a

EU ministers told to stop pig crisis

By Oscar Rousseau

The pig market was described as “critical” today by EU farming bodies Copa and Cogeca, who warned EU agriculture ministers of the strain Russia’s export ban has had on the market.

Cutting red tape and boosting production key to sheep sector

Future of EU sheep discussed

By Chloe Ryan

The future of the European sheep meat sector was discussed this week at the first meeting of the newly formed EU Sheep Meat Working Party.

Oceana said EU governments and consumers have a role to play to prevent seafood fraud

Oceana finds fishy fraud in Brussels

By Joseph James Whitworth

Almost a third of seafood was mislabelled in Brussels with economic reasons the main driver behind the fraud, according to Oceana.


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