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EFSA backs ban on chlorpyrifos

By Oliver Morrison

The controversial pesticide does not meet criteria for the renewal of its EU approval, says the EFSA.

EU advised against meat phrase ban

EU advised against meat phrase ban

By Aidan Fortune

A House of Lords EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee in the UK has advised that proposed regulations to ban the use of words such as ‘sausage’ and ‘burger’ for non-meat products would have an adverse effect on the food industry.


UK sugar tax has removed 45,000 tonnes of sugar from shelves, says government

Will UK sugar tax be extended to milk drinks?

By Rachel Arthur

The UK government is considering extending its sugar tax to milk drinks: with the announcement made just before the confirmation of Boris Johnson – who has pledged a review of ‘nanny state sin taxes’ – as the country's next Prime Minister.

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