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UK Coronavirus Emergency Bill looks to 'keep food supply flowing'

By Katy Askew

The UK government unveiled its Coronavirus Emergency Bill, legislation that would give it sweeping new powers to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. The legislation aims to minimise disruption and safeguard key industries, including ‘supporting the food...

Is a COVID-19 labour shortage a long-term threat to the food supply? ©GettyImages-cyano66

Coronavirus impact on labour supply fuels food shortage fears

By Katy Askew

European shoppers are finding themselves faced with empty shelves as coronavirus panic buying places the food supply under short-term pressure. But could longer-term impact on the agri-food labour force actually have more significant implications? FoodNagivator...

Brussels Bulletin: EU proposes legally binding net-zero target

Brussels Bulletin: EU proposes legally binding net-zero target

By Flora Southey

The European Commission has proposed a European Climate Law in an attempt to ensure climate neutrality by 2050. Elsewhere in the EU, Spain has banned retailers from selling food ‘at loss’, and UK regulators have tightened controls on raw milk production....

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