High-protein yoghurts have risen in popularity, including non-fortified Greek yoghurts which have a natural fit to the high-protein halo.

Special edition: Protein

Mainstream keen on protein foods (but supplements still rule)


Protein has been hot for some years and shows no sign of abating in the near future as diet trends flip in protein’s favour from largely discredited low-fat to lower-carb/higher-protein regimes and a broader health halo around various protein forms.

Sustained energy driving market growth: Mintel

Insights from IFT 2014

The sky’s the limit for malleable energy category: Mintel

By Maggie Hennessy

The concept of “energy” is a multifaceted one, to be sure: it can come in bursts or slowly; via beverages, shots, biscuits or bars; with appeal that spans sports nutrition, weight management and even kids. 

Natural antifungals from sourdough fermentation have food potential

Natural antifungals from sourdough have food potential: Researchers

By Nathan Gray

Powerful antifungal compounds produced from linoleic acid found in bread flour are the key reason for sourdough bread’s mould resistant properties, and have potential to be used in a host of food and agricultural applications, say researchers.

The yeast market is tough, but enzymes and extracts are strong, says ABF

ABF ingredients division's weak link doesn't break strong chain

By Kacey Culliney

ABF’s pre-closed period trading report released earlier this week showed its ingredients business to be its weakest, but the CEO of ABF Ingredients said this is a reflection of the difficult conditions in the yeast and bakery markets, and not on overall...

DSM’s outsource service sees demand grow

DSM’s outsource service sees demand grow

By Sarah Hills

DSM BioSolutions has seen increased demand for its outsourcing services from the food industry, with a growing number of larger companies realising the benefits.


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