Chemi Nutra gains rights to new PS use patent on muscle development

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Chemi Nutra has gained exclusive rights to a new patent on its
soy-derived phosphatidylserine product relating to its ability to
suppress cortisol, a catabolic stress hormone that can inhibit the
use of protein by muscles and impair recovery.

The patent (6,673,378) was awarded to Robert Fritz, a sports nutrition figurehead and inventor, after seven years of intensive investigation and research with Chemi.

Under the licensing agreement, marketers of supplements containing Chemi's PS would be granted a sub-license on the patent and would be allowed to make applicable claims as well as list the patent number on their product labels.

Scott Hagerman, president of Chemi Nutra​, told "Worldwide sales of PS are currently excellent. The patent won't necessarily increase sales as such but in a niche market it will certainly provide more push in the promotion and exposure of PS as well as open more doors."

Soy-derived PS has been shown to substantially suppress the elevation of cortisol, a potent catabolic stress induced hormone, which can wreak havoc to people managing their body composition. The hormone is antagonistic to the uptake of dietary protein and inhibits protein use, leads to increased muscle damage and soreness, impairs recovery, and reduces glucose use by muscle cells.

Hagerman added: "This is a product beneficial to anyone since the psychological and physical states of stress affect everyone to certain degrees. Everyone is exposed to the negative effects of stress so taking supplements and foods containing PS will aid to general good health and well being."

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of two health claims for phosphatidylserine in 2002.

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