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Extreme diets for carbs and fats linked with higher risk of mortality

By Oliver Morrison

In findings that suggest that people should pursue a balanced long-term diet rather than heavily restricting their carbohydrate or fat intake, researchers in Japan found that a low carbohydrate intake in men and a high carbohydrate intake in women are...

Cornelius Nordic will take over distribution of Tereos products destined for the Danish andf Swdeish markets. © iStock

Tereos & Cornelius Nordic ink Scandinavian partnership

By Niamh Michail

Cornelius Nordic has secured distribution rights for Tereos in a Scandinavian partnership that will target the Danish and Swedish markets for ingredients such as starches, glucose syrups and polyols.

The findings highlight an opportunity to transform ingredients and products such as bread, pasta, breakfast cereals into more diabetic-friendly versions, says lead researcher Cathrina Edwards.

Less processed fibre makes food healthier

By Niamh Michail

Preserving the natural structure of plant fibre during food processing keeps blood sugar levels in check – meaning manufacturers can make their products healthier without changing the ingredients, say researchers.

Scientists urge inclusion of glycaemic index on food labels

Scientists urge inclusion of glycaemic index on food labels


The quality of carbohydrates in foods as measured by their glycaemic index (GI) should be included in national dietary guidelines and on food labels, according to a group of leading nutrition scientists from ten countries.

Should we revise how calories are measured?

Should we revise how calories are measured?

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The current method of measuring the calorie content of foods could be flawed, says Professor Martin Wickham of Leatherhead Food Research.

DWC wants to market methylcellulose for foods such as ice cream

Interest in methylcellulose intensifies in EU

By Rod Addy

EU dairy and beverage manufacturers may have access to another form of the dietary fibre methylcellulose, which induces feelings of fullness ­– or satiety – if a novel foods application by Dow Wolff Cellulosics (DWC) succeeds.


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