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NPD Trend Tracker: From cauliflower pizza to organic ready meals

By Oliver Morrison

What new food and beverage products are hitting shelves? We look at new recyclable packaging from Weetabix, a special edition Tic Tac Sprite and expansion plans from Spanish cauliflower pizza brand Cauliflow. Scroll through the photo gallery for more…

Dryk are making plant-based milk which has a nutritional content close to that of cow's milk. Source: Dougal Waters/Getty Images

Danish company rethinks nutrition of plant-based drinks

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

Dryk, a Danish plant-based drinks company, is rethinking the nutrition of plant-based drinks. No longer content with just tasting like cow’s milk, its drinks are also close to the nutritional content of their dairy counterpart.

NPD Trend Tracker: From pro- & prebiotic soda to mushroom coffee

NPD Trend Tracker: From pro- & prebiotic soda to mushroom coffee

By Flora Southey

What new food and beverage products are hitting shelves? With functional foods on-trend, we look at a ‘living soda’ containing both prebiotics and probiotics in the UK. Elsewhere in the health and wellness space, we see coffee infused with Lions Mane...

NPD Trend Tracker: From KitKat cereal to Quorn family pie

NPD Trend Tracker: From KitKat cereal to Quorn family pie

By Flora Southey

What’s new on shelf this week? PepsiCo is trialling a new paper-based outer layer on its Walkers Baked products and pladis is rolling out McVitie’s Tartlets at an accessible price point. Nestlé Cereals is preparing to launch its KitKat cereal, and Quorn...

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NPD Trend Tracker: From vegan deli meats to Lilt Fanta

By Flora Southey

In NPD news this month, The Coca-Cola Company is moving its Lilt brand into the ‘Fanta family’ with the launch of Fanta Pineapple & Grapefruit, and Starbucks is incorporating olive oil into a new line of coffee products in Italy. In the UK, The Kraft...

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'These products will only take a significant portion of the global market when they can compete with conventional meat on taste, price, and convenience': alt protein sector looks for solutions amid mixed investment figures

By Oliver Morrison

Alt protein advocates are calling for governments to ‘step up’ to build a ‘more sustainable food system’ after data showed that global investment in sustainable proteins decelerated last year and sales of meat alternatives dipped in some countries.

GettyImages/Henrik Sorensen

NPD Trend Tracker: From oat milk powder to Heinz ‘MayoRacha’

By Flora Southey

The Kraft Heinz Company is getting experimental with its mayonnaise, mixing it with either siracha, mustard, or barbecue sauce in three new products. Other collaborations covered in our new product development round-up include a tie-up between KitKat...

Researchers are exploring the utilization of corn husk waste for value-added end applications. Image: Getty/Matauw

The researchers brewing lipids to transform waste into food

By Oliver Morrison

Researchers say they are using ancient technology to turn agricultural waste into fats. They say the approach could help the sustainable protein industry recreate the flavours of meat and has the potential to replace palm oil or other tropical oils.

Dry January has been growing in popularity - so what can we learn from this? Pic:getty/richvintage

Editor's comment

5 things we learned about the alcohol-free category in January

By Rachel Arthur

January is the month of the year when the low and no alcohol category really has a chance to shine. So what have we learned about the direction of the category this year? Here’s five takeaways from Drynuary.

Is plant-based meat on the ropes? / Pic: GettyImages-Barmalini

Should we be worried about the outlook for plant-based meat?

By Katy Askew

Plant-based meat has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons over the past few weeks, as industry heavyweight Impossible Foods hit back at accusations that the category is failing to perform. Fake news or fake meat? Survey data from Rabobank suggests...

EIT Food has announced its programmes for 2023, calling for applications. Pic: GettyImages/jacoblund

EIT Food opens entrepreneurship applications for 2023

By Gill Hyslop

EIT Food has launched its 2023 Entrepreneurship Programmes, designed to offer support to entrepreneurs to scale up their agrifood startups working to solve global food system challenges and deliver new innovations worldwide.


NPD Trend Tracker: From non-HFSS sweets to vitamin-enriched coffee pods

By Flora Southey

Fancy a dose of ‘wellness’ with your hit of morning caffeine? One of the newest products hitting retail shelves in the UK combines arabica coffee with a range of vitamins. Other products development with healthier consumption in mind include Nestlé-owned...


What’s next in RTD coffee?

By Rachel Arthur

Gen Z consumers are more likely to drink RTD coffee than hot coffee – and as brands respond, the category is expanding and developing. We explore what’s trending in RTD coffee – and where the category could go next.

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