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Food Integrity conference in Parma

dispatches from Food Integrity in Parma

Food Integrity: Organised crime and Italian authenticity

By Joseph James Whitworth

Why the food sector attracts organised crime groups, protecting authentic Italian products and an added company to the project were highlights of the Food Integrity conference last week.


FQN digests 2016 and injects topics of 2017

Focus was on pesticide residues and beverage analysis - Thermo

By Joseph James Whitworth

To understand the food safety and quality landscape we sent a Q+A to several companies in industry to discuss highlights of 2016 and to predict what this year could bring.

FQN at BVL, EHEDG and RME in next few weeks. ©iStock/06photo

FQN hits the road to bring you food safety news

By Joseph James Whitworth

FoodQualityNews is getting ready to report live from several trade shows and conferences to delve deeper into the food safety and quality control picture in Europe.

Algae is extracted from some red algae species. Picture: Istock/shakzu

Agar supply hit by seaweed shortage

By Joseph James Whitworth

Thermo Fisher Scientific has temporarily stopped selling two agars due to a shortage in the seaweed used to make them.

FQN, as a media partner, will be reporting live from the symposium

RAFA 2015 in Czech Republic November 3–6

FQN heads to RAFA 2015

By Joseph James Whitworth

An international conference covering the latest issues in food safety and quality with the biggest industry names starts this week.

Contamination detection technology avoids waste, recalls


Thermo Fisher X-rays kill dreaded product waste

By Jenni Spinner

Thermo Fisher Scientific's contamination detection technology is engineered to arrest foreign object intrusion to avoid costly product waste and dreaded recalls.

Food analysis simplified with new software

Food analysis simplified with new software

By Rod Addy

Thermo Fisher Scientific has launched software for gas and liquid chromatography analysis that simplifies the process and makes it more user-friendly.


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