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What's on our editorial calendar in 2017?

By Niamh Michail

Putting the spotlight on innovative start-ups, sugar reduction, private label trends, e-commerce and the latest developments in colour, texture and flavour, FoodNavigator's special editions calendar and online events for 2017 spans the hottest topics...

As big name brands lower their prices to compete with own brands, consumers may go back to buying the premium labels they enjoyed pre-recession, warns Canadean. Own brands should focus on quality to retain their new-found consumer base.

Brand rivalry deepens in post-crisis Europe

By Niamh Michail

Own-brands have enjoyed a boom in crisis-hit Europe, winning new consumers with both price and quality – but big brands are resorting to aggressive pricing and promotions to win back their old consumer base.

Only shoppers with limited purchasing power are increasing the proportion of private label items in their shop

French private label market stagnates

By Lynda Searby

Private label products continue to gain traction across Europe, with the exception of France, where, according to latest analysis from Nielsen, they are struggling to gain ground.

“Surveys suggest consumers are increasingly interested in products which have an economy position...

Finns demand more from private label

By Nicola Cottam

A rejuvenated private label market in Finland will address price concerns and demand for quality home-grown products, says Pasi Hannonen, senior research analyst at Euromonitor.

Nordic consumers' interest in premium products is growing, says Euromonitor

Euromonitor highlights Nordic food trends


Healthy foods, premiumisation and private label all present untapped opportunities in Nordic countries, according to market research organisation Euromonitor International.

Promotions aren't working as they used to, says Symphony IRI

Food promotions failing across Europe


Food promotions are failing across Europe, as austerity-hit consumers are cutting back on non-essential products and sticking to shopping lists, says market research organisation Symphony IRI.

Heading down the private label route? Be careful, warns Rabobank

The private label dilemma: To be or not to be?

By Kacey Culliney

Suppliers that want to jump aboard the private label surge will face a fine balancing act of co-producing for the sector and branded goods, according to Rabobank.

What's driving private labels?

What's driving private labels?

In recent years the share of private label goods sold by retailers has been on the rise, reaching almost 50 per cent in traditional retailers. The FoodNavigator editorial team discusses what's driving the trend, and what it means for big brand manufacturers.


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