Pic: Lyras

Beston to use Danish UV technology for lactoferrin production

By Jim Cornall

The Danish company Lyras A/S has given Australian food and beverage company Beston Global Food Company the exclusive rights to use Lyras’ sustainable technology for production of lactoferrin and similar products in Australia and New Zealand, for a limited...

Orange juice is 100% juice from oranges. Or is it? The answer, it seems, depends on where in the world you are. The US, for example, has 12 subcategories of orange juice. Photo: iStock.

Guest Article

Navigating complex global rules for soft drinks

By Oliver Leedam, principal regulatory analyst, Leatherhead Food Research

For soft drink and fruit juice manufacturers looking to expand into new geographies, understanding global regulations is vital. However, this is no mean feat.

Consultation on sale of raw milk

Public consultation ends April 30

FSA wants clear rules for raw milk

By Rachel Arthur

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is proposing to clarify rules for selling unpasteurized, or raw, milk and cream. 

Wholly Guacamole from Fresherized Foods, Inc. is open about using HPP to extend its shelf life

Companies ‘hide’ HPP due to consumer fears

By Fiona Barry

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is widely used to pasteurize food, but most food producers ‘hide’ the method because of consumer perceptions, a HPP consultant said.  

As an HPP contract service provider, Universal Pasteurization Co. in Lincoln, Nebraska, has installed five Avure 350L systems to handle its growing volume. (Photo © Matt Ryerson, courtesy of Avure Technologies)

Avure say expansion is due to HPP demand

By Joe Whitworth

Avure Technologies will open a factory in the US by the end of the year in response to demand for High Pressure Processing (HPP) equipment.


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