GFF used atmosphere controlled technology to ship 40,000lb of salmon from Chile to California without ice

Long distance shipping breakthrough for fresh salmon

By Rod Addy

New technology has preserved salmon shipped from Chile to the US without ice or polystyrene in what Global Fresh Foods (GFF), the company spearheading the initiative, describes as an industry first.

Antimicrobial packaging can help in listeria meat fight

Antimicrobial packaging targets listeria

By Joe Whitworth

Researchers have found packaging with an oxygen scavenger or carbon dioxide generator can inhibit the growth of listeria on ready-to-eat (RTE) meat.

Schott gets the nod

Schott gets the nod

The American Food and Drug Administration has given Schott HiCotec
approval for its innovative PICVD process for barrier coating in
food and beverage packaging made of PET.


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