Oxygen absorber preserver contained if cut accidentally

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Multisorb says its self-adhesive oxygen absorber now sticks better
to packages, helping food processors to eliminate downtime on the
production line.

The company's oxygen absorber, originally released last year as a sticky sachet, does not contaminate the contained food if it is accidentally sliced open.

Oxygen absorbers appeal to ready meal processors who are under increasing pressure to cut down on artificial additives and improve the nutritional value of their products.

Multisorb yesterday claimed to have improved the design, giving it better seal adhesion and speeding up how it is inserted into packages.

FreshMax is a square sachet designed for sticking inside packages of high value foods where oxygen absorption requirements are at levels below 50cc.

The product was originally released a year ago.

It can be applied to theinterior surface of almost any package using conventional labeling equipment or insertion machines.

The oxygen absorber can be used for a variety of packaged foods including sliced deli and processed meats, nuts, baked goods, snack foods and dairy products.

Normally such food packaging is peeledopen.

If consumers instead cut the package open, they may also inadvertently cut into the Multisorb sachet hidden under the label.

With the new system the solid form sorbent is contained if a packet is accidentally sliced open by consumers.

The packaging system uses oxygen scavenger materials to prevent the growth of aerobic pathogens and organisms that may spoil food or allow them to be become unsafe.

FreshMax is made entirely of solid food grade ingredients.

By reducing and maintaining the oxygen content within packaging to below 0.01 per cent, FreshMax helps processors to protect foods against color change, rancidity, loss ofnutritional value and mold growth.

It also eliminiates the need for sulfur dioxide, sorbates, benzoates and other food additives commonly used to preserve foods.

The product is adhesive backed, with an ultra-thin design.

They can be stuck anywhere within a package and can be printed on to form the label.

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