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Is seasonal eating making a comeback? GettyImages/alle12

Is seasonal eating making a comeback?

By Donna Eastlake

From Egyptian potatoes to Mexican strawberries, the European food system operates on a whatever you want, whenever you want it, basis. But are consumers turning away from international imports and instead embracing local produce?

An interest in foreign market wines is expected to flourish in 2019, assisted by ecommerce capabilities. Pic: ©GettyImages/Kent Woo / EyeEm

Millennials buy more wine online and want it to be organic

By Beth Newhart

The wine industry is shaping up to be more transparent and international than ever in 2019. Consumers want more local, sustainably sourced wines, but at the same time they are expanding their palates to newcomers on the market from places like Bulgaria,...


IFOAM EU talks getting ‘organic on every table’

By Katy Askew

Increased organic production would support the development of more sustainable food systems across Europe, IFOAM EU’s deputy director and policy manager Eric Gall tells FoodNavigator.

Organic products may be good, but the ASA has ruled Arla can't say organic dairy farms are good for the land.

Arla ‘good for the land’ ad falls foul of ASA

By Jim Cornall

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK has ruled an Arla Foods Ltd ad that appeared in a local newspaper in November 2016 was misleading and cannot be run again.

Danish Crown called Asia a 'promising market' with strong potential for growth

Danish organic meat exports to Asia rising

By Poorna Rodrigo

Denmark’s organic meat exports to Asia, fuelled especially by sales to mainland China and Hong Kong, rose steadily in 2015 compared with the year before.

“Where there is a price difference, you are paying for the extra care organic farmers place in the environment and on animal welfare, Soil Association policy director Peter Melchett said

UK shoppers pay 89% more for organic food: survey

By Eliot Beer

UK consumers are paying an 89% premium for organic products at the major supermarkets, according to a survey, while more than half of organic shoppers think they pay too much.

Organic farming is meant to meet high animal welfare and environmental standards

Animal welfare at heart of European organic farming proposals

By Chloe Ryan

Organic farming standards across Europe could be tightened up with a greater emphasis on animal welfare when the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee meets on 13 October to discuss proposed amendments to existing regulations.

Consumers don’t connect with food any more

By Eliot Beer

UAE consumers have forgotten how to connect with food, and are lacking basic knowledge around food safety and nutrition, according to a food safety consultant.

EU regulatory deadlock welcomed by organic groups

By Niamh Michail

EU ministers have failed to reach an agreement on proposed changes to EU organic regulation, pushing back a vote until June – a standstill that is welcomed by organic farming associations.

The demand for organic meat in Denmark is growing fast

Banks impeding growth in Danish organic meat sector

By Gerard O’Dwyer, in Helsinki

Tighter lending positions being taken by banks in Denmark towards the country’s agri-industry is restricting herd and production-related investments by the country’s organic meat sector.

Financial assistance has spurred higher rates of organic certification in Europe

Organic production: To certify or not?

By Lynda Searby

Subsidies have led to high rates of organic certification in Europe – while costs and confusion often prevent US organic producers from certifying their products, according to a new study.

Denmark considers dropping VAT on organic meats

Danish government considers dropping VAT on organic meats

By By Gerard O’Dwyer, in Helsinki

Denmark’s ministry of agriculture (MoA) is examining a proposal, supported by the country’s farming, retailing and consumer groups, to abolish VAT on organic products, including meat. The ministry is expected to deliver a decision once Prime Minister...

EU organic logo now compulsory

EU organic logo now compulsory

By Nathan Gray

The official EU organic logo is now obligatory on all pre-packaged organic foods after the two year transition period came to an end on the 1 July.

It would appear the only way is up for organics in most developing economies

Organics booming in Lebanon, India, Romania

By Shane Starling

The first organic dairy factory has opened in Lebanon, Romania’s market is growing at 20%+ and in India, forecasts are for quadruple growth by 2015 as developing economies embrace organic production of foodstuffs.

New alliance aims to lead the way in organics

New alliance aims to lead the way in organics

By Paul Gander

Eight organisations from as many European countries have formally announced the creation of the Leading Organic Alliance (LOA), a grouping which will co-operate closely to push at the boundaries and definitions of what is ‘organic’.

UK producers say they stand alone as DEFRA rules out cash for organics

UK producers say they stand alone as DEFRA rules out cash for organics

By Ben Bouckley

DEFRA (the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) has ruled out financial support for the organic industry, despite producers saying they stand alone and a Soil Association (SA) report damning Whitehall’s “diffident, if not lazy” approach.


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