©iStock. MAPA hit back at audit findings that long term actions have not been considered

DG SANTE slams ‘shortcomings’ in Brazil meat audit

By Joseph James Whitworth

An audit of the Brazilian official control system for beef, horse and poultry meat has found it is not fully or effectively implemented and has numerous shortcomings, according to a long-awaited report.

'Industries that are inherently inefficient – like animal agriculture – are ripe for technology-driven disruption, and investors see the writing on the wall,' says the Good Food Institute.  ©iStock

Industrial in vitro: Commercialising lab meat

By Louis Gore-Langton

The spectre of lab-meat has been haunting the meat industry for years but has yet to reach store shelves. We speak to the Good Food Institute to discuss the obstacles in making this happen. 

FoodWatch opposes the proposed logo, saying it will create a two-tier system for consumers and normalise poor rearing conditions.© iStock/Songqiuju

Germany's proposed animal welfare logo meets opposition

By Niamh Michail

Germany's plan to introduce a voluntary animal welfare logo, starting with pork products, has been met with opposition from groups saying good animal husbandry should be mandatory for all meat and dairy products.

Israel poulty products control system is capable of ensuring exports to EU meet relevant standards - FVO

Israel poultry control weakened by ‘discrepancies’

By Joseph James Whitworth

The Israeli control system for poultry products to the EU is weakened by some discrepancies between EU legislation and standards in the country, according to the Food and Veterinary Office (FVO).


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