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Nitrites and nitrates are used in cured meats. © iStock/Kuvona

MEPs urge action on nitrites and nitrates

By Niamh Michail

Members of European Parliament (MEPs) have called on the European Commission to reduce legal limits or ban nitrites in meat products due to the link with cancer, and to support research into alternatives.

French & German authorities weigh in on 'emotional' glyphosate debate

By Niamh Michail

Glyphosate cannot be classed as a probable carcinogen but its use in formulations could be a cause for concern, says the French food safety authority while the German safety body has called for scientific professionalism to spare consumers unnecessary...

Food safety agencies join to promote scientific cooperation

EFSA and FSCJ renew cooperation

By Joseph James Whitworth

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the Food Safety Commission of Japan (FSCJ) have renewed their memorandum of cooperation.

Rice and oats were most prone to contamination with sterigmatocystin , the report said.

Low mycotoxin levels found in European cereals, EFSA

By Joyeeta Basu

A study by the European Food Safety Authority of cereal grain and cereal products has found low levels of mycotoxin sterigmatocystin in most of the samples to be below proposed limits.

Insects are not widely consumed in Europe - but Belgium and the Netherlands have allowed their sale on a national level

Luxembourg prohibits sale of edible insects


Luxembourg’s food safety authority has said it will not relax novel food laws prohibiting the sale of edible insects without specific Commission approval.

Long-awaited specialist foods provisions set for EU lawbooks

PARNUTS update: Specialist foods reforms due for EU lawbooks

By Shane Starling

Revision of the laws governing specialist food products like sports foods, infant foods and gluten-free foods is set for a final vote in the European Parliament in December or January, 2013, with the leading industry group broadly welcoming the passage.

EFSA slam Monsanto GM cancer study as scientifically unsound

EFSA slams GM cancer study as not ‘scientifically sound’

By Nathan Gray

The European Food Safety Authority says recent research linking Monsanto’s herbicide and genetically modified maize to an increased risk of cancer and premature death is of ‘insufficient scientific quality to be considered valid.’

Ireland outlines Campylobacter reduction measures

Ireland outlines Campylobacter reduction measures

By Rory Harrington

A report from Irish food safety officials aimed at poultry processors, producers and retailers has set out a series of measures to cut campylobacter contamination along the supply chain.

Could the E-number be up?

Weekly Comment

Could the E-number be up?

The European Food Safety Authority's review of additive safety
could have a bigger effect on the ingredients industry than the
ejection of certain colours and flavours with a suspect safety
record. It could give the natural ingredients...

EFSA up and running

EFSA up and running

The Management Board of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
met yesterday for the first time after the finalisation of the
scientific committee and panels which give the authority its core

EFSA: the right flavour?

EFSA: the right flavour?

Geoffrey Podger, the recently elected executive director of the
European Food Safety Authority, this week gave the green light for
the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration to evaluate flavours
for an EU-wide initiative that is...

Chief appointed for EFSA

Chief appointed for EFSA

Recruitment is over for the executive director of the new European
Food Safety Authority (EFSA) with the announcement yesterday that
Geoffrey Podger has had the all clear from the European
Parliament's Environment Committee -...

Irish food tracking campaign

Irish food tracking campaign

A campaign to urge all food premises to find out where their food
comes from has been launched by the Food Safety Authority of
Ireland. The FSAI says it wants food premises to buy products only
from suppliers who operate to the highest...


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