David Jago

Dispatches from FIE 2015

Eat with your eyes: Making sense of multi-sensory food

By Niamh Michail

Food should taste and smell good but what else should and can it do when ‘visually stimulated’ consumers like millennials engage in eating occasions? Touch, sight and sound are increasingly in the mix and driving multi-sensory NPD as FoodNavigator discovered...

Combining protein sources for better flavour and lower cost could hold future potential, Mintel said

What’s next for protein?


Meat and dairy consumption has fallen from favour in many European countries and consumers are increasingly on the lookout for foods and drinks high in plant-based protein, according to Mintel analysts.

Lynn Dornblaser & David Jago - directors of innovation and insight, Mintel

Dispatches from IFT 2014: 8-minute insight from Mintel innovation directors

Crunch time: Is breakfast cereal doomed to sink?

By Kacey Culliney

The global breakfast cereal market faces increasing competition as consumers turn to convenient alternatives, so how can manufacturers step up to compete and stimulate often dwindling sales?

Claim free a possible emerging trend says Mintel's David Jago

Dispatches from IFT Las Vegas

‘Claim free’ trend may lie around the corner

By Rod Ady

A ‘claim free’ trend may be set to emerge, with consumers becoming blind to complicated labels and pack assertions they may clamour for simple, natural ingredients they can understand without explanation.

Sweeteners on the up but global preferences vary, Mintel

Dispatches from Vitafoods

Sweeteners on the up but global preferences vary, Mintel

Use of high intensity sweeteners is growing around the globe, but different sweeteners are more popular in different markets. Mintel’s David Jago explains the subtleties of all things sweet.

The low fat world is flat…


The low fat world is flat…

By Ben Bouckley

Major EU food manufacturers continue to offer low- or no fat products as a consumer option alongside goods higher in fat, while the trend towards healthier food launches along these lines has remained flat or even declined in some states.


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