Cocoa Butter

As the confectionery industry looks to mitigate fluctuating cocoa butter prices, researchers look to possible alternatives.

Special Edition: The possibilities of chocolate with reduced cocoa butter

Scientists discover novel sources for cocoa butter alternatives

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

Shea and palm oil derivatives may lead the way as the most common sources of cocoa butter alternatives for use in chocolate, but researchers are discovering novel forms ranging from mango seed to camel hump fat.

European cocoa processing grows, but escalating cocoa butter prices could see chocolate carrying higher price tags over Christmas, says Euromonitor

Europe’s chocolate industry plays catch as Q3 cocoa grind climbs 5%

By Oliver Nieburg

The tonnage of cocoa beans processed in Europe in the third quarter by the likes of Barry Callebaut and Cargill has risen by 4.7%. Euromonitor says the industry is playing catch up and rising cocoa butter prices may led to more expensive chocolate for...

ADM Cocoa says its D-00-ZR low fat cocoa powder can maintain the structure in confectionery goods affected by high fat levels

ADM launches 0.5% fat cocoa powder

ADM Cocoa has introduced a low fat cocoa powder that it claims is well suited to nougats and other protein foam based confectionery that lose structure in the presence of fat.

Hot Chocolate: Nestlé creates 'tropicalized shells' to tackle melting chocolate mess. Photo Credit: meddygarnet

Nestlé’s answer to non-melting chocolate

By Oliver Nieburg

Nestlé has followed in the footsteps of Mondelez by coming up with its own non-melting chocolate, which could prove a game changer in emerging markets with hot climates.

AAK reports increased Q4 profit, despite hurricane Sandy

AAK reports increased Q4 profit, despite hurricane Sandy

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Sweden-based vegetable fats firm Aarhuskarlshamn AB (AAK) has reported increased operating profit for the fourth quarter, although volumes were hit by hurricane Sandy in the fourth quarter.

Magic Choc: Could it be the confectioner's answer to Play-Doh?

Non-melting chocolate promises sweet success

By Mike Stones

Children and parents can say goodbye to sticky faces and fingers and stained clothes thanks to the globe’s first non-melting chocolate, claims confectionery manufacturer Choc-o-Bloc.

Aarhus 3Q shows promise

Aarhus 3Q shows promise

After several months of tight margins and dipping sales vegetable
fats and oils supplier Aarhus United has turned the corner with
improved growth in the third quarter, helped by a strategy to focus
on the core market of speciality...

Aarhus investor sells stake

Aarhus investor sells stake

United International Enterprises Limited (UIE), the majority
stakeholder in vegetable oil firm Aarhus United, confirms it will
sell its considerable stake in the Danish firm, due to be divested
by January 2005.


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