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The new wave of plastic hoping to wipe out pollution

By Oliver Morrison

Rising public awareness of the problem of plastic pollution can help polymers such as polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) make more headway in the food sector, believes Mark Lapping, CEO of PVOH polymer manufacturer Aquapak.

Brussels Bulletin: EU proposes legally binding net-zero target

Brussels Bulletin: EU proposes legally binding net-zero target

By Flora Southey

The European Commission has proposed a European Climate Law in an attempt to ensure climate neutrality by 2050. Elsewhere in the EU, Spain has banned retailers from selling food ‘at loss’, and UK regulators have tightened controls on raw milk production....

Do hybrid products appeal to flexitarian consumers? Pic: GettyImages-vaaseenaa

Could ‘hybrid’ products meet booming flexitarian demand?

By Katy Askew

Flexitarian consumers are a key segment driving the plant-based boom. But while this group might be motivated to reduce their meat consumption by health and environmental concerns, taste remains king. Could the development of ‘hybrid’ products, containing...

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