Palatinit GmbH

Based in Mannheim, Germany, Palatinit GmbH was founded in 1979 and
is one of the fastest growing members of the SüDZUCKER AG - the
world's largest sugar producer.


Our products and knowledgePalsgaard is a specialist in the manufacture of emulsifiers and stabilizers for bakery, confectionery, dairy, fine foods and sauces, ice cream and margarine. Palsgaard has a thorough, international knowledge of the sector and...

Palsgaard A/S

Palsgaard is a specialist in the manufacture of emulsifiers, stabilizers and other specialized ingredients for the food industry.

Paradise Fruits (Paradies Früchte)

Paradise Fruits (Paradies Früchte) is a specialist fruit inclusions manufacturer. We offer a range of high fruit content granulates, shapes and pastes that feature low water activity, bake stability and unique formulation design that can be customised...

Pioneering food cutting innovations

TREIF combines the world's greatest range of food cutting technology under one roof. At the IFFA, pioneering cutting innovations for dicing, portion cutting and slicing will be presented. The focus is on automation, flexibility, hygiene and sustainability.The...


Expert in Omega-3s for over 25 years, Polaris is today a leading company in concentrated EPA/DHA products, and a key player in GreenTech in Europe.

Prinova Europe Limited

Prinova is a leading global supplier of ingredients and premix manufacturing solutions for the food, beverage and nutrition industries. Prinova holds strategic stocks in 35+ centres around the world to ensure continuity of supply and has liquid and dry...

ProTerra Foundation

The ProTerra Foundation is a new not-for-profit organisation launched in the Netherlands to support the European food and feed industries in sourcing sustainably  produced, non-genetically modified grains, cereals and derivatives and in particular, soy.

Prova, the brown flavour specialist

 PROVA's activity is based on a combination of many years of experience in processing raw materials, creating flavour compositions and a sound knowledge of the requirements of the market. This...

PSS SVIDNIK,a.s. - Meat Processing Equipment

PSS SVIDNIK,a.s. has been successfully operating in the global market for four decades. The company focuses on the production of meat processing machines and brewery equipment, pressure and non-pressure vessels. These are offered individually or as part...


PURAC ® is the world's largest and most experienced producer of natural lactic acid, lactates and gluconates with 7 production sites in the USA, Brazil, Spain, The Netherlands and since 2007 in Thailand.


PURAC is dedicated to shelf-life extension and food safety for Meat & Poultry products


Purextract is a French-based Company, leader in the extraction process of highly purified pine bark extract….not only!

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