Expert in Omega-3s for over 25 years, Polaris is today a leading company in concentrated EPA/DHA products, and a key player in GreenTech in Europe.
As a global market player in Omega-3, our "Omegavie®​ Qualitysilver®​" oils are produced in our state-of-the-art facility in France.
Since the beginning in 1994, our passion has been centered on sourcing, purification and stabilisation of marine lipids to help promote health and vitality around the world.
Known for our concentrated and ultra-stable fish oils thanks to our patented technology Qualitysilver®​5, Polaris is now growing on the microalgae market and has become a key player in this sector in just a few years. Sustainability and innovation are our key drivers.

Global demand for all Omega-3 ingredients is growing in food and nutraceutical applications. The demand for plant-based EPA / DHA is overall expected to grow even faster in the coming years. That’s why today, we are developing our algal range to provide innovative health products focusing on research, development and production of highly purified, highly stable and potent microalgae based lipids.

Omegavie®​ Algae is a sustainable, vegetarian algal Omega-3 DHA made in France: Fish-free and derived from Schizochytrium sp. microalgae grown, fermented and extracted in Europe in a controlled environment, Omegavie®​ DHA algae is now as rich in both EPA and DHA as fish oils and presented as the sustainable alternative of tomorrow.

Our "Sensory" concept, guarantees Omegavie®​ oils with outstanding organoleptic properties meaning a very low taste & flavor impact on the finished product thus for the end-consumers. The organoleptic performance of our oils are measured by internal and external panels. The organoleptic qualities of our oils are ideal for nutraceutical and food-processing applications.

Thanks to its research and technology, Polaris is today able to offer you natural fish or microalgae oils, up to the highest content on the market. Taking Omega-3 to the next level!

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