POLARIS, a 20 years recognised expert in Nutritional Lipids, is specialised in the development, production and marketing of Omega-3 marine oils and tailor-made formulation under the brand Omegavie®​.

The Polaris team has developed and introduced on the markets many innovations aimed at improving the quality, stability and formulation of Omega-3 from marine and vegetable origins. Its stabilised oils Qualitysilver®​ (patented process) are some of the most sought after whatever the final application: dietary supplements, functional foods, cosmetics.

As a specialist in lipochemistry, Polaris offers a toll manufacturing service using its concentration, purification and deodorisation technologies for health actives and ingredients. Its innovative technologies enables the fractionation of health ingredients through a gentle process and without the use of solvents for nutraceuticals and cosmetic applications.

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