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Naturalness with natural x flavorings, esp. for organic foods & drinks

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Seize your opportunity for naturalness with natural x flavorings especially for organic foods and drinks

Consumers are going all natural

Consumers are increasingly looking for more natural foods and drinks with clean labels and store-cupboard ingredients. At the same time, they would like to enjoy great taste, convenience and healthier options. These desires are creating challenges for many food and beverage manufacturers – with regard to naturalness labelling and the new EU Organic Regulation. Symrise is offering its help to turn these challenges into opportunities.

Meeting the taste challenge

Consumer studies confirm the importance of naturalness claims on food labels – either front or back of pack. On most products, when consumers see the term ‘natural x flavoring’ on the label (for instance ‘natural peach flavoring’), they prefer this description to the more generic ‘natural flavoring’ on most of the products.

They also would like these flavorings to provide them with authentic, delicious taste experiences as taste tonalities remind consumers of special moments and they give products an authentic signature reflected in the brand. With natural x flavorings tasting amazing and being the preferred consumer option, food and drink products using them can tick every consumer box.

Diving into the specifics for organic products

One facet of this naturalness trend entails the increasing demand for organic products in Europe. Last year, sales of organic foods recorded double-digit growth across nearly every savory product category.

Why is organic growing so fast? With an increasingly diverse food landscape, organic labels can serve as a very helpful signpost for conscientious consumers seeking something they value. Many consumers perceive organic as the most natural option. At the same time, they consider organic products healthier and more sustainable. As a result, organic now delivers the most important “product promise” on food packaging. (Mintel, 2019).

Understanding the opportunities that the market for naturalness is creating for the food and beverage industry, and the role that natural x flavorings play, is of huge importance. This is likely to evolve even further when the new EU Organic Regulation comes into force.

Symrise is ready to help customers seize this opportunity, allowing them to answer the growing demand for natural taste with a wide range of great tasting products that fully comply with the new regulatory requirements.

Diving into the regulatory landscape and its opportunities

The aforementioned new EU Organic Regulation, combined with manufacturers’ wish to embrace the full power of naturalness, could require many products to be reformulated.

At Symrise, we know about the challenge to keep the signature of products as well as to meet the concrete regulatory requirements. That’s why we continuously guide our customers, helping them to develop compliant and great tasting products.

Out of the different options defined for natural flavorings in the EU Regulation on Flavorings, two fulfil the requirements as laid down in the new EU Organic Regulation – 100 % FTNS and natural x flavorings.

SYM_Organic 2.0-Infographic-Promotional Feature-01-DV

SYM_Organic 2.0-Infographic-Promotional Feature-02-DV

In short – natural x flavorings offer two key benefits: They meet the latest regulatory standards and fulfill the desire for consumer-friendly ingredient lists and the authentic taste of nature.

Find out more on how to embrace the power of natural x flavorings and organic compliant solutions with Symrise. Click here.

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