Brands cannot afford to ignore consumers' sustainable packaging demands

By Gill Hyslop

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The majority of American shoppers expect more brands to offer 100% sustainable packaging in the near future. Pic: GettyImages/abc17
The majority of American shoppers expect more brands to offer 100% sustainable packaging in the near future. Pic: GettyImages/abc17

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Shorr Packaging has published its 2022 Sustainable Packaging Consumer Report, which reveals 86% of Americans are more likely to purchase a brand if the packaging is considered sustainable.

Data from Shorr’s report was gleaned from a survey of 1,113 US consumers to delve into purchasing behaviour in relation to sustainability.

It found that sustainability is indeed at the forefront of consumer minds, even impacting the purchasing decision – with 47% of consumers surveyed claiming they willingly pay more for a product wrapped in sustainable packaging.

In fact, 59% stated they have consciously chosen products over others, simply due to its eco-friendly wrapping, such as reusable, plantable, compostable, returnable and edible packaging.

With 1 in 3 shoppers stating they have actually avoided a purchase because the packaging was not labelled as sustainable; and with 77% expecting more brands to offer 100% sustainable packaging in the near future – brands across all industries should be prepared to address the demand … or miss out.

The leading industry noted to be motivating to swap in sustainable packaging is the F&B industry, with 59% of consumers recognising efforts. Conversely, 29% believe there is much more it can – and should – be doing.

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Additional highlights

  • 50% of respondents noted sustainable packaging should be a brand and retailer’s number one priority at this time.
  • 26% considered themselves ‘aware’ of the sustainability moves of their favourite brands.
  • 76% of shoppers have made a conscious effort to purchase more sustainable products in the past year.
  • 64% stated sustainable packaging is a factor in their current product selection process. In a demographic breakdown, the 18-29-year group (69%) is more likely to focus on sustainability when purchasing products.
  • 68% of consumers surveyed is open to switching from a loyal brand to another that offers sustainable packaging.
  • 47% have purchased a product from a competing brand – which they normally wouldn’t purchase – because of their packaging, again driven by the 18-29-year group (56%).
  • 89% of respondents stated that recyclability is ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ important.
  • 47% notice if the packaging is labelled as sustainable, however, 69% are more likely to purchase a product when there’s clear language/symbols that cements the claim.
  • 26% and 36% of shoppers are ‘extremely’ and ‘very’ concerned of the environment impact of packaging, and are likely to search out packaging that is:
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The current demand for sustainable packaging is clear and not having jumped onto the bandwagon is seemingly costing brands, with the majority of shoppers consciously choosing a product with clear sustainable packaging labelling.

The survey found that younger consumers – a critical buying demographic – are more likely to purchase competing brands because they offer sustainable packaging.

And despite recent price increases in some consumer goods, almost half the consumers surveyed claimed to be willing to pay more money for a product that offers sustainable packaging.

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Undoubtedly, the writing is on the wall for the brands not responding to this demand, however, it arguably is a challenge to start down the road. Shorr is an award-winning sustainable packaging producer that specialises in bespoke offerings for brands to offset the cost of augmenting their packaging and win market share.

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